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BCS: 163 | What’s The Best Measurement Of Growth + Hobby VS Real Business

measurement of growth

Business Coaching Secrets with Karl Bryan


BCS 163: In this episode, Karl answers questions about:

–  What’s the best measurement of growth?

–  Hobby vs real business

And more…

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SFC 163

[00:00:00] Karl: Welcome to Business Coaching Secrets with Karl Bryan. If you wanna attract new high-end coaching clients, fill live events and build a wildly profitable coaching practice where business owners pay, stay, and refer, you’ve come to the right place. In this podcast, Karl provides his keys to the kingdom for finding and signing. High paying clients and building the coaching business of your dreams. Here we go.
[00:00:38] Christian: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, coaches around the world. Welcome to another episode of Business Coaching Secrets. It’s Your Boy the Road, Doug, with none other than the legend himself. The new pilot apparently who may or may not have landed a plane, Karl Grim.
[00:00:57] Karl: Shoots, How are you, Road dog? What’s going on? We might need to fill in a blank there. Cause. Sadly, I’m still having a blank. But anyways
[00:01:06] Christian: that, that’s so the, the, the whole thing is Carl, yes, he helped fly a plane, but the, you know, when you have the, the co-pilot there who’s literally taking the controls, not the wheel, the controls.
So Karl’s not sure just how much he may or may not have been involved, and I may have just shattered his entire dream of how it all went down. So I apologize for just ruining your Monday like that. Just right outta the gates. Boom. Here goes the week. Karl’s in a pit for the rest of the week.
[00:01:35] Karl: Okay. Hey, I was gonna, so here it is, folks we’re doing the pre-show just prior to this, and I was talking about, so you’re getting a coaching company.
And one of the, like, you know, you’re thinking about lead gen and quite frankly, if, if you’re the average coach, it kind of takes over and it becomes a bit obsessive for you. Like it’s leads, leads, leads, leads. How do I generate leads? How do I get these leads? How do I get in front of business owners? And the reality is you just don’t need that many leads, right?
So you got, you get 10 clients and you’re getting busy, you get 20 and you’re, you’re hovering towards, maxed out, right? So you just, you just don’t need to, And one of our guys. Earlier, Mark in a high five to mark he, he had computer trouble. He took his comput, took his laptop in, and he turned the guy into a client.
Right. And I’m like, high five. And then he didn’t stop there. He is already got referrals flowing through and you know, Rod, Doug and I are just high five in him. Right. So part of that, I was just saying that as you’re getting your coaching company, You’re the airplane stuck. You know, you’re the airplane.
You’re the airplane at a standstill, right? So once you get up to 10,000 feet, you know, I could drive it, road dog could drive it. My nine year old, newly nine, by the way, she just had her birthday. Very exciting. But anyway, so she. You know, she, she could cross the steering wheel and fly it, and of course, road dog couldn’t help himself.
And he’s like, You realize a plane doesn’t have a steering wheel. And then I, I actually have flown a plane and then road dogs grilling me on exactly how much of the flying I did or do not, did not do. And it’s kind of weird that even as I sit here, I can’t remember exactly how much I did. I’m pretty sure that I took off and I land.
But I had some assistance without question of the guy sitting beside me. But I definitely flew a plane. I definitely flew a plane. When I landed, I was ready. My first phone call was, I landed. I was like, I’m learning to fly a plane. I’m going all in and looking at airplanes, by the way, the whole, the whole nine yards.
But it was just so whatever. So, So that was it. But your coaching business folks may be. May feel if it’s feeling like, you know, lead gen and you’re feeling like you’re getting stuck to get going, it’s cuz you are, you’re, you’re an airplane, you know, on the ground and. You know, once you get it to 10,000 feet, it’s gonna be really easy.
You know, you got 10 clients, you lose two, You just ask for a couple of referrals. You do an event. You, you know, you reach out to an accountant that you spoke to three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, six months ago, and you just end up filling the pipeline back up. Right. But trying to get it going is that, you know, That metaphorical airplane on the ground.
So anyways, so there’s part of the pre-show folks and High five.
[00:04:17] Christian: Is there the, are you gonna put the cle I’m waiting for the cliche of, you know, an airplane takes off against the wind. Are you gonna do anything cheesy like that? Shoot.
[00:04:25] Karl: Well you just did it shoots well done. There you go. Tough times. Make tough people.
Right? The strongest, what is it? The strongest wood. Is grown and the trees from the harshest weather up north. So there you go. Hold down High five Road. I love it.
[00:04:42] Christian: There you go. There you go. Shoot. There it is. And maybe, maybe I’m just trying to ruin on a subconscious level, maybe I’m just slightly bitter with you because you actually forgot my birthday, which ladies and gentlemen, he has no excuse missing because it’s on the same day as his daughter.
Like, come on, shoots like, Pretty, pretty
[00:05:04] Karl: late. I know. Incredibly late. I did send the beated through. I sent the belated through. Right. So
[00:05:10] Christian: well it, and it’s also, the text interaction was actually a lot more hilarious than that because you’re just like hey brother, I hope you’re crushing it today. And I replied back was something like, the only thing getting crushed was my, my pride or something like that because you missed my birthday
That’s exactly
[00:05:26] Karl: how it went down. That is exactly how it went down. Then I’m like,
[00:05:29] Christian: right. The pre show. So real quick, so I asked the question and I, and I think it’s a good kind of point to bring it up on, on the, the podcast officially here. So cuz I’ve been thinking a lot about are there certain thresholds, like, again, cuz again, I, I guess well that, that, that question in and of itself, what’s the best sort of measure of, of growth?
Cause is it only revenue? But anyways, but are there certain sort of Points in a business where like the next big leap happens. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like, cause we were talking about staffing and everything else, and I shared a story of a guy that I met where it’s just like, you know, they signed a million dollar contract and he’s like, Oh my gosh, all I’m doing is managing people.
I hate managing people. And then he sold his half of the business and, and quickly became gainfully employed again, doing what he loves to do. But are there certain ti you know, like I. Times or, or thresholds in a business where it’s like boom, massive sort of expansion and growth just sort of happens, happens.
[00:06:33] Karl: Yeah. And I think what you do you mean like infliction point as in you need to go to, like, there’s an infliction point where you need to go to the next level, right? Like where, what got you here won’t get you there. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:06:45] Christian: You know what? Great. Perfect. Because? Because if you don’t deal with it, you remain stuck.
[00:06:52] Karl: Absolutely. And then, yeah totally get it. So here, 96% of business owners don’t get the seven figures. Okay? So that’s not profit, that’s gross revenue. So I dare say that the obvious, and again, I, that. I don’t know that there’s exact, you know, there’s no numbers we’re gonna be able to throw out that say, Oh at this point this is what’s gonna happen.
But the million, I would dare say that things change a little bit where you need to go from maybe think like sales to marketing. We’ve said this on the podcast a lot. Road dog, where You know, if you get a $10 million above, you’re basically an HR company, right? Like it’s all about, it’s just hiring, you know, sur you know, your greatest successes will come through other people, so you just become, you know, you, you, yeah.
You just gotta get the right people in the right places. But I would say that I think what we were talking about was kinda like an infliction point, and it was like positioned as like a revenue target. And I’m gonna say the frame or the different way of looking at it, the way that I would see it and expect those infliction points to come would be number of staff, right?
Like, so what got you here won’t get you there. And you, you know what I mean? Like, once you get to a certain amount of staff, you’re gonna have to recalibrate and start, you know, managing teams. Like, like here’s something that happens a lot. Introduce me to a construction company. That, you know, has kind of ridden the roller coaster for a couple of decades.
And here’s what tends to happen is the guy gets started and he’s really good and he does his own thing and he’s got his one helper and he goes, and things start to, to take off, and then he ends up with a team of four. Okay? And like that’s a good team. He manages a team and then he gets a second team of four, right?
And he’s like, Okay, this is not going so bad. Then he ends up with third team of four, and then he ends up with a fourth team of four. And then you know where he ends. With one team, , right? So he goes from 1, 2, 3, 4, back to one. And I, everybody listening knows what happened, right? Like where he went into the game of You know, he went into the game of management, decided that he sucked as a manager, forgot to hire he, He didn’t realize what he was, What he should be doing is what he’s really good at, and that’s probably not management.
And therefore he didn’t hire the manager in some cases, wasn’t humble enough to accept that somebody else should have been the manager and not him. And then therefore, things went a little bit. P shaped a couple of. You know, deals or a couple of houses or a couple of projects when Houry lost some money, said, I’m not doing that again, and ended back with his tight little team that he could control back in his, what do you call it?
You know what I mean? Like his, his happy spot where he didn’t have to do a lot of managing and, and, and that’s what tends to happen. So, and then again, here’s what I would encourage that individual to be thinking about, or again, as a frame, you got a chiropra, let’s go to a chiropractor. He’s moving along and he gets started at 30, killing it at 35.
At 40. He’s really moving along. At 45, he decides that he wants to start golfing and like, Why the heck am I working so hard? He’s paid off his house, right? And then at the age of 50, he’s like, You know what, I’m gonna sell this business. And he ends up selling a business that’s operating three days a week and running at about 35%.
Right. A significantly better frame and kind of picture a bell curve as I’m doing this. Okay, So he gets going, What did I say? He’s 30, he gets going 35, 40. He’s crushing it. He’s gotta find the 30 year old version of himself at the age of 40. To come in and start driving business and driving revenue and going to the seminars and doing the back talks, et cetera, and then that guy becomes 35.
But what he does is he gives him 5% of the company, gives him 10% of the company. It could be sweat equity, it could be a check, it could be whatever. At the end of the day though, now he’s got another business owner. If he doesn’t do that, that guy leaves and becomes his competition down the road. A lot of the time, and remember, there’s four things that motivate people, rank recognition, prizes, and then money.
Money is forth by design, up by accident rank number one, you took ’em from a chiropractor to a business owner by giving ’em 2.55 or 10% of the company, and now you’ve got a second business owner. And he is gonna be there instead of having, you know, asking him if he could be in by eight, The guys opened the door at six 30, right?
And he doesn’t need a key puts on a helmet and he opens the door with his head because he’s so amped up and he’s going, And then by the way, you bring in another 30 As that guy, you know, moves along and time marches on, he, you know, your second in command becomes towards 40 and crushing it. Bring in another version of.
And give that guy 10%. And as long as people think, seem to think that they need to own a hundred percent of their company, that’s absolutely not the case. Own 51% of it, and you make all, you know, you call all the shots you’ve got. N not that you wanna you know, you should be, if you’ve got business owners, I think you should absolutely be, you know, Speaking to them, and, you know what I mean?
What am I trying to say? Like, you know, having meetings and that sort of stuff and using their influence to decide on which direction you’re gonna go. But, but a way better model. So the, the frame. You’re 30, your get going, 35, you’re killing it. 40. You bring on a business partner that looks just like you, but much younger, and then they start moving along.
And then by the time you hit 50 and wanna sell, you’ve got two people and much more staff and many more clients going at a hundred miles an hour. And now you sell the business, you’ve got a business running at 250% capacity versus the 35% of you just going it alone and. That’s how you retire and do really well.
And then do you wanna know who’s gonna write the check to buy the business from you? One of the two guys? Or both of the two guys that own 10% each or whatever number. So now you’ve got like your best client and your best staff member. The first two people you look to when you wanna sell a business, right?
Road dog that’s, you know, infliction points and whatnot. I don’t know that it’s necessarily, you know, revenue, but I do think that having a model to get started with, and most importantly through that story, I don’t know how good of a job I did there. But management is not for everybody. Some people are real natural managers and then some people suck royally at it, and very important.
You know that you, you’re accepting of that and they’re accepting of that. The business owner is accepting of that to, to bring in a manager to make sure that as you grow, you know, all the key pieces are in place and things are getting organized and, you know, balls aren’t getting dropped. So, so that’s my answer button at the, at the $10 million mark, you become an HR company.
[00:13:37] Christian: It’s, it’s interesting cuz you’re almost grooming your, you know, the future owners, owner owners of the business and you’re also, it’s funny, small, little hidden benefit there. You’re also gonna save yourself the 10% that you would’ve paid a business broker to, to handle that transaction for you to actually sell that business.
[00:13:56] Karl: And, and the guy’s gonna be successful. Sorry, road dog, but, and the guy’s gonna be successful cause he’s been there for 15 years. Right? Right.
[00:14:04] Christian: And by the way,
[00:14:05] Karl: then you. Go. Sorry buddy. Go.
[00:14:08] Christian: I was just gonna say, the thing that got me is when you said you’re taking him from a chiropractor to a business owner, that that’s, that’s a very interesting comment there because I was gonna ask you, at what point do you think somebody goes from, let’s just call it a hobby, because that’s essentially what it is.
It’s you’re, or I guess, I don’t know, let’s just, whatever it is to an actual business owner, like when does that pivot
[00:14:32] Karl: happen? It happens in between their ears before it happens in reality. But I tell you what, when you sign the paperwork and start calling the guy a business owner, and literally, you know, when you, you know, you’re talking to him, you know, like as an owner of the like, so you’re, you’re talking to somebody.
It’s like, so as an owner of the company, should we do a, should we do B or should we try maybe a hybrid of C? What do you think? You know what I mean? Like, you, it kind of starts to happen organically, right? And the guy’s like, first time he hears that from the guy he used to call boss. You know, it starts to happen, man, you know, happens organic.
[00:15:08] Christian: Beautiful. Beautiful. Love it. Hey, listen you know, every once in a while I do love just to kinda see what, It’s a scary, it’s a scary question. , what’s going on in that huge head of Carl Bryans. It’s it’s, it’s the most frightening question anyone could ever ask, but I’m the man that’s gonna ask it. So I’m just gonna pull a couple of the questions together here that I’m looking at.
But what. You know, like what, what’s, what’s, give us a few of you guys, I guess, random thoughts or stories like what’s, what’s going on in that coconut years?
[00:15:42] Karl: What’s going on? Didn’t even know how to answer that. Shoots. Well, okay, so this weekend my daughter had her birthday party, which was a booming success.
I’m gonna tell you, she. She crushed it. So here, so okay. Actually on, actually no, before I did. Here it is, I’m at iga, grabbing some groceries, walk out, pushing the, the trolley dealio, right? With all the groceries. Do, do, do, do. Somebody comes walking up to me and goes, Hey do you wanna buy some lasagna?
Right. And I’m kinda like looking around and I got all this food. I’m like, the last thing in the world I need is lasagna. But anyways, I guess she assumes that, you know, I’m in the parking lot at iga, maybe I’m hungry, but I’m like, Hey, you know, And with that initiative, if you know, like I, we have a rule at my house, if anybody knocks on the door, you know, to wash windows to do this, Like it’s just an automatic Yes cuz I wanna reward that behavior.
Cuz back in the day, that’s how I got her going. So I wanna reward that. So I’m like, I don’t need any lasagna. Yes. Right. So where, and then she like points over to her car and I’m like, over there I was expecting like a little stand, like something, right? Nothing. Anyways, I go walking over there, do, do, do, do very unimpressive setup going on.
But at the end of the day I’m like, Hey, okay cool. How big are they? They’re pretty small. And I’m like, Yeah, gimme a few, gimme this to do, do do. I looked in my wallet, I had 50 bucks. I said, Let just gimme whatever you can gimme for 50 bucks. Here you go. She gave me this. I said, Okay, thanks. I said, So is it any.
And then she didn’t do the, you know, didn’t give a, her answer wasn’t quite what you would ex, you know, you’d want it to be, you’d want her to be jacked up and tell me, you know how it’s all local ingredients and it’s gonna be amazing, and blah, blah, blah. Now that was okay. And then I said, Okay, so do you have a card in case I wanna order again?
She goes, No, but you know, there’s this sticker on top right? And I’m like looking at it and I can’t even find the phone number, but I’m like, You don’t have a. And I’m like, Okay, that’s cool. And I’m like, you know, whatever. I got into my car and she gave me a plastic fork. So I opened it up. I took a bite and wondering, I wonder if this stuff’s any good, Right?
It was good. So then I couldn’t, so then I drive up. So then I’m like, I just can’t help myself. Right. I can’t. I gotta go to her and I give her this, and I’m like, Look, just little fyi. I, I, you know, done this kind of, I’ve helped businesses grow and I’m very passionate about it. Just wanna give you a little bit of advice, okay?
And I’m like, not only do you need business cards, cause I know that’s the painfully obvious one here, but I said, You need to get my information right. So I said, I want you to see your business as a subscription model as opposed to a one-off. Cause I said you just earned 50 bucks. And I would imagine that you feel like, look, you made a sale and you did.
But you’re re you gotta reframe it entirely. And by the way, guys, I’m, I’m channeling my inner, this is Warren Buffett’s words about to come outta my mouth, not mine. Or it might be Charlie Munger. But you gotta, you may, you need to make a sale to get a customer, not get a customer to make a sale. And we actually covered this in the podcast not too long ago.
But what that means is that she sold me the lasagna and made a sale and. She thought the 50 bucks, like, you know what I mean? Like that was inexperience. Told her that she did good and she’s got 50 bucks and she’s like high five and her business partner that’s there, but really she should, the most important thing she’s doing is making that sale to sell me lasagna for the next 12 months.
You know what I mean? And I, so you wanna see this as a subscription, but she was not seeing that in any way, shape, or form. Now, I want you to think about the chiropractor when we talk about building the $5,000 unit. You know what I mean? What happens to the chiropractor? People go, they get short term relief, don’t come back.
And again, the chiropractor gets the new customer, gets the exchange, feels like they’re doing well, but doesn’t track the lifetime value, and doesn’t see like, when are they dropping off, when are they dropping off, Analyzing that data, those analytics, and you know, making some changes. And then I had another one where for my daughter’s birthday we had like a big floaty.
Steelo, right? So just imagine, you know, in like a, a lake, you got a big floaty and the kids are up on top and they’re sliding down and they’re doing this kind of thing. Lots of fun. But I had the exact same conversation with the guy that did this. And by the way, he drops ’em off to the car road. You love this.
He does it for the Kardashians. What’s pip, pip daddy? Some. Who is it? Road dog, The singer. Something. Daddy. He
[00:20:02] Christian: did, He, Oh. Pete Diddy, Puff Daddy, the same thing, Two different,
[00:20:07] Karl: I think it’s Pete Diddy, I don’t know. Anyways, it was bloody impressive. Right. And I told them, I said, Next time you get the Kardashians let me know.
And I said, Cuz they’re swimming out in the lake. You know, like setting this thing up. I’m like, I’ll be in the lake man setting this thing up. No problem. You just let me know when the Kardashians. And I’ll I’ll be there to fix it up. And he was laughing. I was laughing and cool guy with long dreads and that sort of stuff.
So bottom line you know, like just the lasagna gal, it’s just such an easy one. But I don’t want you to be thinking about the lasagna gal outside the iga at a supermarket. Be thinking about how you could help your clients do that. You want them to be seeing it as a subscription all day long. And again, they’ve gotta get that first sale to get a customer, not get that customer to make a sale.
Huge. Might say. I don’t know. That’s my opinion guys. I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down cause I do believe that there’s a little bit of magic in that and Road. Doug, maybe one other one. That again, literally this morning as I went for a walk a long one and it’s like, and I wrote this in an email again, not too in recently.
And it’s like anger, like passion. We all know that passion is important. You wanna be successful in anything. You wanna be passionate, right? Like that’s not news to anybody but anger. Anger is a really, really powerful part of passion. You know, so like example you see at the bottom of every one of my emails where I talk about separations, I talk about the divorces, I talk about the depression talk about the suicides, that sort of stuff of business owners that don’t make it or their partners don’t make it.
And, you know, what happens with the whole, you know, family dynamic, That could be an example and that’s, You know, whatever, what something like you’re wanna get passionate about something, find something that really pisses you off. Right. Whereas why I think that’s important road, Doug, is I think a lot of people are like hiding from their anger and thinking it’s a bad thing and not wanting to go there.
And I’m gonna dare say, you could say frustration possibly, but I, I, if you really wanna crush it, you really wanna make a difference. You wanna make a, you know, a impact on your local community so that you literally you know, the average likelihood of success for local business owners, although, I don’t know, anger.
I think that’s powerful. And again, this morning I was just thinking of something, you know, it’s actually specific individual by the way, but I was just like, God, you know, just an arrogant, you know, one of these influencer types and just wants to peacock and you know, it’s just like, oh man, it’s just so, and, and by the way, it just feels, and I don’t know, right?
I’m not inside their head, but, You know, it’s more ab, I don’t know, just let’s just assume to make it black and white and nice and easy, that that person is really money hungry and not really interested in full value for their clients. Which would be an exaggeration, by the way, of what I was kind of thinking about this morning in this one individual.
But it’s of the same of the same family of that. And it just pissed me right off. Right. And I’m just like, you know. You know, here’s what I’m gonna do, , you know what I mean? To just, you know, like, just to get further faster and just crush it. Anyway, so that’s just anger is you know, like, like pain is a guarantee.
Suffering is optional, you know, and just like, You’re gonna go through it, like, you know, suffering up by any stretch of the imagination. I was suffering this morning, but like, you know, going to that pain, I was like, Yo, it’s good. You know what I mean? So like it’s, let’s go there instead of like hiding from it and don’t worry about it.
And, you know, peace, bliss and blue clouds and blue skies and puffy clouds just going, you know what, screw that individual. It, it could be very powerful. And I think that those listening. Could get some value from that. You know, it’s like security and if, if like, security and certainty is your goal you’re already a failure.
You know what I mean? Like, security and certainty is like the lowest form of happiness. You just, you don’t have to be in that, you know, blissful, wonderful, secure, and certain state all the time. You know, a little bit of a little bit of angst, a little bit of anger, a little bit of. Yeah, go towards your anger instead of hide from.
It might be some power for individuals here. And by the way, not just you guys, cuz I channel through you guys to the business owners, to the chiropractor, the dentist, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Go to them, you know what really pisses you off? Ask ’em that question and then see where they go.
And then go a little bit deeper and get them to go a little bit deeper and then get them to go a little bit deeper by just why, why? Why? And could be powerful. So there you go. Shoots. But the, the lasagna gal story, that might be the one that’s, you know, I think that there’s a,
[00:24:42] Christian: I, I can’t believe you totally pulled a Ron Burgundy on her.
Like that is, that’s the ultimate, like do you know who I’m I’m I’m kind of a big deal. Like I did not
[00:24:53] Karl: say that. I assure you should.
[00:24:55] Christian: I did not Totally pulled her Ron Burgundy. Did you tell her about all the letter bound books that you have too while you were at it? Or how did that work out? May
[00:25:02] Karl: or may not have, May or may not have mentioned those.
May or may been wearing a shirt that says, I am a big deal. Just ask me, you know, maybe, maybe
[00:25:11] Christian: shoot. Listen bud. I had no idea that you just say yes to people selling random crap at your doorstep. I’ll be coming over later to sell a $50,000 coaching package at your door. Just so you know.
Right? Listen, you just talked about anger and stuff, and I actually have a question here in regards to negativity, obviously. One might say that the last few years there’s been just a tad of negativity and on around the world. And the question that I got here, it’s, it’s perfect. So do you ever get discouraged?
And I can tell you yes, he does with all the negativity out there, but why, why don’t you answer that? Like, do you, I, I know you obviously better than most. Well, That’s relative, but you know, do you ever get discouraged with all the negativity out there? And I guess the follow up, because there isn’t one, but I, I’d be like, How do you deal with it, man?
Like Right. And sort of get back focused again, but, you know, how do you deal with, with all the negativity? That’s a
[00:26:09] Karl: good question, by the way. I don’t know about negativity, but I’d say judgment. You know, I really, you know, you mentioned the last two years. Absolutely. You know, just recently, Prince William.
His wife, not him, but I don’t know, maybe he took it as like Got it a bit too. But his wife was hammered for her four year old’s behavior. You know, the four year old sat in a chair and expected to hardly move for an endless amount of time. You know, planes flying and people everywhere and do, do, do, do. And he’s, you know what I mean?
And it’s like people are just like, So harsh and just so like, are you four years old? You know what I mean? Like, I’ve been to a restaurant. I had my daughter who, you know, she’s four and she absolutely lose her bloody mind. You know, and it’s, you know what I mean? Like, people are, I don’t know, I just, the judgment crazy.
You know, I’ve said this before and I think that it’s insanely powerful. You know, you’re gonna be remembered. You’re, you’re not You’re not gonna be remembered for what you’re doing. You know, Not like an email, a podcast that Rod Dog and I do, or an interview or a blog post, or that’s me, right? But you’re gonna re be remembered for what you refuse to give up on.
You know, It’s like, you know, mention negative. Like I get, you know, I do a daily email and like just literally this morning I had a bit of a laugh at, you know, the. Tori who looks after my emails and she’s like, Oh geez, what to look at this one, right? Like this is a beauty once in a while. Beauty. And it’s like, you know, you get these negative comments from people telling me what I should and should not comment on, and how I should and shouldn’t speak, and what I should and should not do, et cetera.
And the reality, like I’m showing you, you know, over a book. 600 plus emails. I’m just gonna continue to, to do me right, right, wrong, and different. I’m gonna try and be funny. I’m gonna try poke fun at some, you know, events. And I know in this crazy world that we have, I’ve been told many, many a times, be careful, be careful.
And it’s just like, you know, I don’t know, just, you know what, I’m gonna keep just cruising along. But what’s important is that, you know, you keep doing something. That you’re supposed to be doing Like, like for me, it’s improving in a meaningful way, the business coaching profession, right? Like, so I’m not gonna be remembered for what I’m doing and I’m certainly not gonna be remembered for, you know, email, podcasts, whatever.
I’m gonna be remembered for that, what I refuse to give up on, right? The problem I see some of the business coaches, like they just give up so bloody easily like that, you know, that negativity and you know, The Prince William thing, like you could imagine how distressing that could be. But coaches, they give up on social media, they give up on marketing, they give up on personal branding.
They give up on advertising. They give up on their prospects. They give up on their clients. They give up during the sales process, like the person’s body language doesn’t, you know, they don’t seem too engaged and all of a sudden they just pull to shoot mid call or mid appointment, you know, give up on live events.
We see that all the time. Maybe it’s, you know, it’s the accountant or the joint venture partner, they’re giving up on that. Everybody tells ’em, Look, you need a funnel. You need a funnel, you need a funnel. They build one funnel, it doesn’t work perfectly. Day one, and what do they do? All funnels. And then somebody tells ’em, Oh yeah, funnels don’t work.
And they bail on that. And by the way, do it with their clients. And then change direction. Or maybe even, you know, building a list. Follow. And by the way, your dreams, right? Like again, the reality is somebody wants to be, Every single day I will meet someone who wanted to become a business coach, dreamt to becoming a business coach, dreamt to really killing it.
And then they just, you know, their wife’s on ’em, their husband’s on ’em, whoever’s on ’em, they’re on themselves, don’t get success straight away. And again, they treated as an experiment, right? It’s like a 90 day. You know, minute to minute, hour to hour, day-to-day experiment as to whether or not they’re gonna keep going or whether, you know, the program works this work, or it’s for them.
And it’s just, you gotta go all in. You know, you need to be all. If the secret actually created a video here number of days ago, and it was like, you know, if the secret, which there isn’t one, it would be to go all in. You gotta go all. You know, again, what you’re gonna be remembered for, what you refuse to give up on.
Are you gonna refuse to give up on being, you know, a six figure multiple, six figure, a seven figure coach locally being an influence locally for business owners. You know, so, so that’s what I’d say. Road dog. It’s it’s, it’s again, and you and I, well, yeah, I just rode. That’s what I’m gonna leave it on.
You know, you’re gonna be remembered for what you refuse to give up on and therefore negativity and whatnot. You just run over the top of it, so. You know, I don’t wanna, you know, try and become the practical psychologist here cuz that I am not. But I do know coaching and done it pretty damn successfully for a couple of decades.
And I can just tell you that success in business is just, it’s, it’s Jedi mind tricks on steroids, right? Like I say, you ever been to McDonald’s? And you say yes. You ever heard the phrase, Do you want fries with that? And you say Yes, and then you’re a lawyer. And then I say, Hey, well why don’t you do, do you want a will with that?
And then, Obviously that’s an absolute one on one that will work for any lawyer in any city, in any state, in any country in the world, right? Do you, you ever met anybody who are, do you know anybody, or you probably had this in your own family where somebody died and then they didn’t have a will in place?
It’s a, it’s a total Dog’s breakfast, and by the way, it can create generational riffs. Right, Like you got the house or you got the two houses, or you got whatever, the breakup and it creates like these generational riffs, right? So believe me, do you want a will with that? By helping the family get a will in place, it’s not like, yeah, you’re gonna make some dough as the lawyer, but believe me, what you’re gonna deliver in value is gonna trump that times a lot.
But they won’t do it. So how do you get the lawyer to say, Do you wanna will with that? It’s a Jedi mind trick, you know? And, and then they try it, and then they try it five times, and then four, you know, the majority. And the people say no. And one guy seems a little bit annoyed, or the gal seems a little bit annoyed and they’re like, Oh, I’m not doing that anymore.
Right. Seems. You know, bit of a sales tactic or whatever it is. Just, it’s, it’s cra you can’t be seen that way. Right? Like it’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a delivery of value on steroids. So anyways, Road Doug yeah, gotta be cautious with that, with the negativity and the world is a pretty crazy place right now.
And so I’m just gonna agree road, Doug, I think. Negativity is something you gotta keep your eye on, but you gotta keep pounding and you’re gonna be remembered for what you refuse to give up on. But I, I do understand how it could be a little bit challenging for a new coach or actually even established
[00:32:38] Christian: coach, right?
In the words of the late Great Gore Downey, No one’s interested in something you
[00:32:45] Karl: didn’t do. . Nice. That’s the singer, The Tragically Hip, Ladies and gentlemen, you probably never heard the Tragically Hip Great
[00:32:53] Christian: Band. Great. One of my favorite quotes of all time, like, it, it’s just, it, it’s so powerful because it’s just so darn true.
Right? But any who now we’re talking negativity, obviously, . The markets, the economy, inflation, like boom, there’s so much happening right now in the world. There’s a ton of negativity out there. But a lot of the negativity right now is actual based on, on just the, the, the data, right? The economic data. So with everything that you’re seeing and you know, like I’m just, cuz somebody wrote in it like, Hey, do you see buying behavior changing?
I’d be curious to get your thoughts because I, man, I’ve got thoughts on that big time myself in terms of how to position yourself and everything else. But what do, what do you say? Like, would you see buying behavior changing, especially with everything that’s going
[00:33:44] Karl: on right now? Yes. Yes, yes and yes. In, again, a recession, I’m, everybody knows that, you know, the bubble’s got pop at some stage.
You know, and also, but like, note that these people like, That negativity stuff that we mentioned earlier, right? Like if you go to your Facebook page right now, you’re gonna see somebody moaning about gas prices, right? And, and I understand it, right? Like it’s, it’s, it’s painful. But if you look at a price of bottle, like a price of a bottle of water, right?
That you could get for free in the local creek with flowing water, right? Don’t drink water that’s not flowing by the way. Little like yellow snow. But anyway, you know what I mean? Like, so it’s just, that would be something maybe, and it’s. A lot, you know, I don’t know what percentage, but a whole lot more expensive.
Yeah, I remember doing some research on consumer pricing behavior during covid and as a frame. I think seeing the entire playing field is critically important. And I remember saying the, well remember saying, but I’ve said for a long time, the ultimate competitive advantage is seeing that entire playing field.
Right. So, with that said, From that vantage point, and keep in mind, this would be adjusted slightly depended upon where you live, right? But if you’re in Montana, things are very different than if you’re in la. And if you’re in LA things are different than you’re in Texas. And at different times during the pandemic, you know, again, those different areas, like think of Florida, right?
Like again, there was a period when they were in lockdown and all worried, and all of a sudden they just opened up and didn’t, you know, basically it was just like Florida. You’d never even know there was Covid if you were in. Right. So as a frame, again, just kind of seeing that entire playing field could be powerful.
I remember like a hundred million people in the the states in about 90 days, totally adjusted their buying values. And again, if you understand like, you know, advertising and whatnot, that’s just totally mind blowing for something like that. And that black and white to change over 90 days. Pretty wild.
The least converting messages for online engagement were around the most popular previously, right? Like achievement, entertainment, influence. Basically, they went from the highest Converting words to basically the lowest, Right? And then, and then the most engagement was around, I think it was like trust, safety, security.
Again, there’d be some more words in there and maybe not one of ’em, but basically around safety, security, and trust. Right? And then there was a huge number of people, like over 75%, that were more worried about finances than they were their. Right when, by the way, it’s a pandemic, right? That in a black and white world, that’s pretty wild.
Remember there was also a survey came out and it was like, I dunno, it was like over 25%, call it 30% believe that you know, things weren’t gonna go back to normal for like, A number of years. Right? And again, this was not long after oh two, you know, two weeks to flatten a curve, right? It was like, do you really think so?
And all the experts, of course, were saying, this isn’t gonna be a two week thing. But you know, again, we don’t listen to the experts. We, you know, look at the, your local news site and the headline. And believe that and I’ll let you decide whether or not they’re trying to point you in the right direction.
You know, and it was like, you know, events like, you know, sports and church and movie theaters and entertainment they were always gonna be the last to normalize. And guess what? They were the last ones to normalize. And I think you’re gonna find like movie theaters. The movie Top Gun just came out probably all over your, your.
Feed for the last period of time, but prior to that, tell me the last time you were at a movie theater or anybody you know was at a movie theater, or you saw anybody highlighting a movie on something like your Facebook feed, Instagram, et cetera, Right? Just hadn’t been done. Like the world is a change, you know, like big time.
And so just bottom line is that, you know, some research there. Dictated that things were, Well, actually, you know what, also the research clearly stated that people pretended that they didn’t care about the vaccine, but then they act, you know, definitely were anxiously waiting for it. And only this, and, and that’s whether they took it or not, was gonna allow us to get back to normal, right?
Like, I remember talking to an influencer and he had told me, and he was, you know, if you read his Facebook feed, you know, anti this, anti that, no va, no this, no that. And the guy was vaccinated and then asked me not to tell anybody that he was vaccinated, right? He’s like, Oh, I don’t really wanna put that out there or whatever.
Cause we were talking about traveling somewhere, right? And I’m like, Hey, well that’s not gonna work, right? Cause you’re notman. Let’s, we’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to change this plan. He’s like, Ah, no, no, I’m good. I got vaccinated then realized, then he is like, Hey, hang on, but don’t, don’t say that.
Right. And I’m like, Really? But anywho a little bit wild. Little bit wild. But Oh good. So, yeah. Do I buying behavior, changing Absolutely. You know, things like supporting local are always gonna be, that became more important post pandemic and that’s not gonna change at any stage. And I would just say that make sure, you know, in your sales messages and your marketing messages, that again, this is the kind of stuff that we’re putting out there.
Like, you know, like Bitcoin and NFT experts, they, they suddenly disappear. Right? And by the way, Roddo, you and I talked about this early before we started the, the, you know, the the pre-show, but. Bit Bitcoin like, Well, if you believe in crypto in any way, shape, or form, now’s the time. You should be excited.
Right? But the problem is everybody was excited when it was at 60,000. And now that it’s, you know, 20,000, nobody’s excited about it. So if you believe in it, in any, if you believed in it at 60,000, you should be like, absolute raving fan at 20,000. And here’s your opportunity. Remember the Rockefellers and whatnot, It, it happened during tough times, not great times.
The real money is made when things go sideways. So a lot of the guys with money on the sidelines and stronger business people are actually quietly a little bit. About everything going a little bit pear shape cuz they’re sitting on cash and they’re gonna start buying up things that are gonna be dramatically underpriced, like on sale times a million.
So, yeah, road, bottom line buying, behavior changing. And I think you gotta stay on top of this with your clients, right? And there’s scripts and their marketing and their advertising. And if they haven’t changed it up, like I said, during the pandemic, it was about security and whatnot and trust. And if you didn’t change that up, you, you, you know, you could have been seen as a bit of a you know, money hungry type of operator in the local community and that’s obviously not a good thing.
So that’s my answer. Shoots what do.
[00:40:21] Christian: Yeah. And I, I’m just gonna add to that and, and that is just make sure that your marketing messages reflect where we’re at in the market cycle, not that you’re still posting, but how groovy things are and everything else. And then one thing, especially to have a high ticket offer, do you have payment plans?
Like do you, do you have other options? Do you, do you have other ways of. Of, of billing people and everything, like just these little things. Right. Make it easy. That’s, that’s where I get frustrated and it’s like, well, I’ve got a $20,000 offer and I only do one pay. Well, that’s probably not gonna fly.
You know, like, yeah. People’s buying behaviors are changing and that’s just the reality of where we’re at. And. Hell, Carl, your business was founded on a tough economic cycle as well, right? The market had just crashed. Real estate market had crashed. This is, look at this as an opportunity of, and, and get excited that the, the, the amount of real estate agents, the amount of business coaches, the amount of everything is about to get a lot less, right?
The herd is being thinned. And this is your opportunity to come out at the end of this as the expert. So that’s, that’s my, my little pep talk for you. Listen, I know we’re over time and I’m just really disappointed because the next question is how do you find what you’re looking for? I, I didn’t even know that Bono was a fan of the podcast.
Apparently he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for, so he’s putting into the show. So this is, this is huge and I was hoping, so Bono’s gonna have to wait one more week. So my apologies to the two front man Bono for not answering his question this week. But shoots. That’s how it works, bud.
This is how, this is how big of a deal you are. Like, not even kidding. You should grow a mustache. Mm-hmm. . Maybe I have shoots . See me? . All right. Note, and that is frightening. I know your wife would never allow such behavior to happen of you growing a stash. Listen, close us out. What’s one thing that that they could take from today’s episode and implement into their coaching practice?
[00:42:29] Karl: The one thing I think the dis something about getting discouraged and all the negativity, you know, like, again, what what’s the end? It’s not about getting discouraged. Who cares? Right? Like, if you turn that into fuel, you’re gonna be laughing. But you know, it’s, it’s the coach that takes that negativity and then gives up on the social media, gives up on the.
You know, building their lists, build, gives up on the live events, gives up on their prospect, gives up on their prospect, you know, part way through the sales process, cuz doesn’t see the level of interest that they felt like they should be showing and understanding that different people show interest in very different ways.
And I can assure you that the person that seems very disinterested during the sales process could be, you know, absolutely the person that’s gonna whip out their credit card. And then the person that’s the most enthusiastic is often the one that just, you know, gonna waste your bloody time. So yeah, so that’s just, you know, that negativity.
And like I said, judgment for me, it’s not about the negativity, but I see judgment. On steroids. So keep your head up and the the solution road dog to all of it is just pound, pound, pound, pound, pound. Or maybe that’s a little bit too abstract. Help five business owners every day, help five business owners every day.
Help five business owners every day. And I assure you, you’re not gonna be short on clients. So there you go. Shoots. That’s my thought.
[00:43:50] Christian: Love it. And you know what, just start with one, right? Help one. And guess what’ll happen. You’re gonna feel good. They’re gonna feel good. You’re gonna wanna help another, Right.
It’s the, Here we go. You ready? Were you ready for all Tie back in? It’s like take off against the wind. You just gotta just, I gotta get that first bit of lift off. And off you go. Wow. I wanna punch myself in the face just for saying that right now, but there you go. All right. My God. What, what happened there?
Anyways, on that note thanks for tuning into another episode of Business Coaching Secrets with the man on top of the hill. The king himself. King Karl if you’re not on the inside, getting access to the pre. Or you aren’t getting Karl’s daily emails. We just want more information on the profit acceleration software or how to, just to build your coaching company, visit and subscribe today.
Also, if you enjoyed the podcast, please share with a fellow coach or someone that you think might make a great coach. And of course, as always, we’d appreciate if you’d rate the episode if you like what you heard, and that is it for another. We will catch you in the next episode. And remember, folks, progress equals happiness.
Take care, everybody.
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