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Ask Karl Bryan: Do you know your why?

by | Ask Karl Bryan, Karl Bryan | 12 comments

One of the MOST important things you can ever do as a business coach is to define your “why.”

Your “why” refers to the reason or the motivating factor that has led you to do what you do… in our case… coach business owners.

When I ask coaches all over the world to explain to me WHY they want to coach, all I hear are crickets.

Listen, discovering your “why” may seem like a difficult task for most business coaches, but it’s actually very easy to do once I give you the process for doing it.

Karl Bryan

Karl Bryan gets clients for Business Coaches...period. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of Leader Publishing Worldwide, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world.
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  1. John D. Allen

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information I really appreciate it. I know that I will start using it right away it my business.

    • Karl Bryan

      Thx John… you’re a champ.

  2. Paul Mead

    Love it Karl. Here is mine! Love working with ya! My Why

    I learnt leadership in the 11 years in the Army. It taught me strategy, leadership and taking action. I thought this was the way the world worked. I soon learnt I was naïve after leaving the military. Upon leaving, I worked for two very poor leaders in succession. They destroyed the culture, their staff and the business.

    I left both, saying not again! After the second time, I knew what I was going to do. I decided to help business owners and leaders increase their performance, to reach their true potential and become successful through building highly profitable businesses with engaged staff.

    • Karl Bryan

      Wow, that’s good stuff budd. I LOVE it and would agree BTW.
      Business are well served with some military style discipline! Thx again for feedback.

    • Karl Bryan

      Thx Catherine! Hope all si well and I look forward to seeing you at Business Coaches Mastery in Cancun!! Smiles your way, KB


    A truthful powerful message as to why you do what you do really hits home to most folks…I loved it (not that you had to live it) but love the “WHY” message you have and will also use this in the immediate future.

    Thanks KB

  4. Karl Bryan

    Thx brother, keeping butt.

  5. Pete Thompson

    In my experience the biggest issue for most is “how to” find your why. Thanks Karl for sharing.

    For me, I have discovered two whys…the first is sort of “below the surface” and the second is the one that actually makes me get out of bed each morning and produce.

    The “hidden” one is simply “To Know.” I discovered this about myself when I was getting my Executive Business Coaching certification through the Sherpa Organization. Basically I need to know answers. I need to solve problems. This fact drives every-single-decision that I make…even the unconscious ones:-)

    The reason that I am working with LWP is that I need to know that I have done everything I can to raise my son properly; to be an example of how to lead a successful life. I am using the opportunity to coach small/medium businesses to demonstrate for my son (he is 13) how the world really works…it is my belief that the lessons we learn in business are the exact same lessons that we learn in life, and once we understand how business works we have a much better chance of satisfying our own desires by intentionally designing our life.

    Habits are a substitute for will power…teach my son how to live his life based on the rules of business, help him establish good business habits, that way when he gets into the “real” world he shouldn’t have to learn them the “hard way”…that’s my intention anyway:-)

  6. KB

    I love it budd and thx for sharing!!!
    Keep up the good work, Pete.

  7. Karen Gilliam

    Thank you Karl! I am a fairly new subscriber to TSFC but everything is spot on! I am a Leadership Empowerment Coach for Women and my WHY is that in my early years of corporate I lacked confidence in my ability and myself. Needless to say this was how I presented myself to people and people treated me badly because I allowed it. Once I learned from a mentor that I show up in my best self and utilize my “superpowers” such as being bold, daring, determined and caring, no longer was I a pushover. I am on a mission to help women define their “superpowers” and present themselves with confidence. I say that your “Mess” will be your “MESSAGE” and your “Test” will be your “TESTIMONY”. Someone needs your message and testimony so go out and give it to them to add value to their lives. Thanks again Karl!

    • KB

      Hey Karen, that’s awesome and keep pumping out those “Superpowers!”
      Keep in touch and let us all know how its going. I appreciate the “mess”age on here :o)

      Smiles, KB

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