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14 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Grow Your List With Email By Becky Auer

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Email is one of the best ways to build an audience that is engaged with you and your brand.

It’s also one of the best ways to sell your products or create a buzz for your next event, launch, or promotion. You don’t want to miss opportunities to connect with those who want to hear from you.

Think about it…when people visit your website, if they don’t subscribe the first time, they may never return. When people subscribe to your social media feed, you’re at the mercy of that social media site as to whether or not they’ll show your updates to your subscribers.

Email makes it easier to stay in touch with your followers and build trust with them.

A few more benefits to growing your list:

1. You own your list. You have 100% access to it no matter what. Social media sites like Facebook can change their privacy or user settings at any time. If you depend solely on them to build your customer list, you risk losing your ability to communicate with them.

2. Email can be used to drive your audience to Facebook and other social media sites. You can invite your subscribers to join you on your social media pages.

3. Your message goes directly to your subscriber’s inbox. They opted-in to hear from you, so you have their permission to share and communicate with them.

4. Selling through email is expected and accepted, unlike on other platforms like social media, where we expect more content than advertising. And the more subscribers you have, the better your success rates will be.

5. Not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, but almost everyone has an email. There are still people who don’t want to be on or don’t trust social media. Most of these people do, however, have an email account.

No matter what type of business you have or what type of marketing you focus on, list building should be a MAJOR part of it!

How to Grow Your Mailing List

Growing your list doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take consistent effort. I like to get my emails for the month done at one sitting. I do this by focusing on a topic for the month and creating my main emails around that topic.

Then every couple of days, I add in other value-packed emails. It has really helped to grow my list.

Here are a few list building ideas to get you started.

1. Create a special report to help your readers solve a problem. A free report is a great way to attract targeted subscribers.

2. Host a free webinar to collect names and emails at registration. You can also charge for the webinar and grow your list of buyers instead.

3. Create an opt-in page where your visitors can see the benefits of signing up for your list. Use this landing page for driving targeted traffic to your site, instead of just sending them to your home page that is filled with distractions.

4. Hold an online contest for a free giveaway where entrants can opt-in to your list when they enter.

5. Add your opt-in offer to your social media profile pages. On Facebook, you can even make a custom tab for opt-ins.

6. Encourage your current subscribers to share or forward your emails. Include social sharing buttons to make it easy if someone wants to share your email. Include a subscribe link at the bottom of your emails to make it easier for those receiving forwarded emails to opt-in to your lists.

7. Offer email-only exclusive deals and information to add value for your followers and subscribers.

8. Use a pop-up with a great and compelling offer to attract more opt-ins. When a visitor is about to leave your website, have a pop up to give them one last free offer to sign up before they go.

9. Advertise your free offer. You can use advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. You can also purchase ads in other people’s newsletters.

10. Take some of your content and create YouTube videos to drive traffic back to your opt-in page.

11. A free offer doesn’t have to be a report or a webinar. You can also create videos, audios, templates, coupon codes, apps, spreadsheets, and other useful content that your visitor will readily opt-in for.

12. Write and distribute a press release about the problem your free opt-in offer solves.

13. If you’re new to email marketing, start with one opt-in offer, but remember there is no limit to how many you can create to drive the most targeted traffic possible to your mailing list. For example, if you have a website about different pain solutions, …you can offer several free reports that help your visitors solve common pain problems.

14. Deliver valuable content that your subscribers can’t get anywhere else, and they’ll stay on your list. They’ll also become your biggest ‘cheerleaders’ and will refer new subscribers.

If you’re already publishing to a blog or on social media, using list building tactics is a simple and extremely valuable thing to do. Put more of your focus into growing your list, and you’ll have a valuable business asset for life.

Easy Ways to Generate Content Ideas

How many times have you stared at a blank sheet trying to figure out what to send to your email list? You’ve agonized over it, shot down idea after idea thinking you would never make a connection with your subscribers.

Here’s a super simple list of ideas I use (and you can too) to create awesome content.

1. Current Happenings. Highlight what’s currently going on in your company. Talk about awards and places you are speaking at or attending as long as your audience finds it interesting.

2. Current Events. Comment on what is going on in the world and your industry. Show how it relates to your company and your customers. Give your perspective or opinion on it.

3. Share your Favorites. This could be your favorite books, websites, entrepreneurs, or movies that are relevant and valuable to your readers.

4. Take a Poll. Get people’s opinions on a specific topic.

5. Ask Questions. Get your readers to respond to questions and create a conversation with them.

6. Create Top 5, 7, or 10 Lists. Write a top list of things that your customers should know about your niche or topic. Give your opinion about each one.

7. Create 3 Ways or 12 Ways Lists. This is similar to number 7, but you use a twist to make it different. For example, “3 Myths About _______.”

8. Give Them How-To Content. Show your customers how to use a product, make a favorite recipe, or use new software.

9. Educate Them. Send out an educational series on a specific topic.

10. Share Worksheets and Checklists. Worksheets let your customers work out problems, while a checklist can help guide them through a project.

11. Share links to Resources. Give your readers links to resources you use regularly in your own business. My followers love this the most!

12. Share a Video. Share videos of things you do, people who are talking about you or anything entertaining you may have created.

13. Interview Someone. Interview someone interesting in your niche. Record it and share it with your customers.

14. Share Important Lessons. Share things you’ve learned recently while attending a recent seminar or workshop.

There are a few ideas to help you get started on creating compelling content that your email subscribers will love to read.

How to Write Emails that Sell

You have an email list. You know the money is in the list. You’ve learned what different types of content your subscribers want because you’ve polled them. (Right? You did poll them, didn’t you?) Now you need to know how to write those emails so that they will sell.

You have to hold the reader’s attention to get them to the call-to-action. Remember, email is about building trust and building relationships. And if you can add humor, get busy and do some entertaining! Who doesn’t love reading things to the end to make us smile – and take action?

Here are 7 tips when writing your email:

1. Be authentic.

You are unique. No one else is like you, and you shouldn’t try to be someone else for your business. Be yourself.

2. Speak directly to your subscribers as individuals.

Every email should be typed out like you are talking ONLY to one person. Your avatar. Your perfect, ideal client.

3. Over-deliver / under-promise.

Give more and ask for less in return. When you make your customers feel like you’ve given them more than necessary, they become your biggest promotors!

4. Engage and be available – in other words: be human.

Engage your audience by responding to their questions, thanking them for their testimonials, and providing relevant and informative content they can use.

5. Show them, don’t tell them.

Give proof with videos, testimonials, or real-life stories showing how your product or service is being used.

6. Write naturally.

In other words, just write the way you talk.

7. Show off your personality.

This is your time to shine! Let customers see the real you! If you’re energetic, write that way! Do you have an offbeat personality? Write that way. Your readers will know you wrote it and that, in turn, will get you more sales.

The most important thing to remember when you write an email is that you are building a trusting relationship with your people. When you do that, you generate word of mouth referrals which help continue to grow your mailing list!

Now, go write an email!

And I’d love to hear about your success (or failures) in connecting with your subscribers! Feel free to reach out to me at to let me know!

 About Becky Auer

Becky Auer has started 3 multi-million dollar businesses. The last was a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar that she took from $0 to $6.5M in just over a year and kept it there until she sold it. Becky runs group coaching and mastermind groups as well as coaching private clients. For Free Resources, go to

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