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13 Questions You Ask Yourself Before Making A Purchase By Martin Howey

by | Martin Howey

One of the biggest failings of almost every business is that they somehow assume that their prospects and customers will make choices based on minimal information… and sometimes that works. 

But for most people to make a decision that is in their best interest and choose the product and/or service you’re selling over a competing brand, or perhaps choosing your company over your competition, they need as much relevant information as they can get. 


Each of us, in our decision-making process, either consciously or subconsciously… and in nanoseconds time… asks ourselves the following questions in one form or another: 

1. “Do I want the benefits of this product or service?” Don’t try to sell me an insurance policy, a car or a refrigerator; those are the last things I want to spend my money on.

2. “Is this the right product or service to solve my needs or problems?” There are lots of selections out there. What makes this particular one right for me?

3. “Is this the right company, producer or manufacturer to purchase this product or service from?” There are a lot of options to consider. Why this particular one?

4. “Is this the right place of business… the right store, shop or agency to buy from?” Again, lots of choices. What makes yours so special and why should I consider it? You should also have a look at businesses for sale in Naples (using, as there are some wonderful opportunities there.

5. “Are you the right person to buy it from?” My brother-in-law sells the same product. Why should I buy from you? Do you have testimonials or proof sources from others who have purchased from you? What extra-mile things can I expect from you that I won’t get from anyone else?

6. “Is this the right price to pay for this product or service?” Am I getting the best value for the dollars you’re asking me to spend with you? Can I get a better price for the same product or benefits elsewhere? If you’re charging me more than your competitor, why should I pay your price?

7. “Is this the right time to buy or invest in this product?” What if I put off my decision for a month, six months, a year or more? How will that affect me? I heard there may be some sales, rebates, incentives, or discounts coming up. If I buy now and the price is lowered, will I be able to take advantage of the new lower prices, or will I be stuck?

8. “How do I pay for it?” Do I have to pay the entire amount up front? Can I make monthly payments? How much is the service charge or interest? Do you take credit cards?

9. “What if this product or service is not right for me? What if I don’t like it, or I don’t want it? What if I change my mind?” Do you have a “look-see” or trial period? If so, how long is it? What if I find a better or cheaper price elsewhere or I just don’t want it anymore? Can I return the product or cancel this service or contract and get a refund?

10. “How can I be assured that I getting the absolute best value for the money I’m about to spend?” I work hard for my money. It doesn’t come easy. If I spend it with you, what assurances do I have that I’ve made the right decision? My friend says he’s doing business with one of your competitors and he paid much less for the same product. Am I about to make the right choice? How can I know for sure?

11. “Why should I do business with you, instead of any and all other options I have… including doing nothing at all?” Give me in one sentence, a capsulated statement as to why doing business with you is the best choice I have. Buying insurance, a car, home, appliance, vacation package, new machinery or equipment is a serious proposition and my money is valuable to me. How can I be assured that doing business with you is the absolute best choice I have?

12. “What are the most common mistakes other people make when buying this type of product or service?” I don’t want to make a mistake, look foolish, or lose my money. What foolish or uninformed decisions do other make when buying this type of product?

13. “How can I avoid making those same mistakes?” Put my fears to rest. Make me totally and completely comfortable in my decision to spend my money with you for this product or service at this time. 

Now, what do you think happens if you don’t answer all these relevant concerns? 

That’s right, the prospect will turn to someone else. It goes without saying that in order for you to acquire BIG increases in sales you have to ensure that each of these concerns is answered fully or minimized as possible in the minds of your buyers. 

What Does That Mean? 

It means that your sales presentation has to be complete; it has to include the answers to these concerns. And the way you do that is to anticipate all the potential concerns, questions, and objections your prospect may bring up, and build them and their answers into your presentation. 

If your prospect brings up an objection or concern, they “own” it and feel that they have to defend it, and it puts you on the defensive. But if you anticipate what they may say or ask, bring it up in your conversation, and answer it, you’ve taken it away from them and they have nothing to defend. 

The better and more clearly you can answer or address the questions or concerns your prospect may raise before they have a chance to raise them, the smoother your presentations will go, the less resistance you will have, the more sales you will make, and the happier your customers will be. 

 About Martin Howey

Martin Howey helps executives leave their corporate jobs and start, run, and profit from their own highly profitable, in-demand business consulting practices. He has spent the past 50+ years helping more than 4,000 professionals in over 5-dozen countries monetize their skills, knowledge, and expertise, and pursue their passions in businesses of their own.

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