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What Do Business Owners WANT From A Coach? with Adrian Ulsh

by | Adrian Ulsh, Business Coaching Fundamentals | 1 comment

In my last article, I revealed to you what it is that all small business owners want from a business coach.

They’re looking for a coach that can provide “new insights.” They want a coach that can frame those new insights and tie them into new opportunities for the business owner.

One major insight coaches can provide to their clients is a simple fact that marketing is NOT an art… it’s a SCIENCE! And just like most things in science, there’s an equation that guides its success. It’s called the Conversion Equation, and it’s made up of four parts… Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

When businesses apply this Conversion Equation to their marketing, new opportunities begin to emerge. I then gave you access to a cutting-edge video that explains why everything business owners know about marketing is WRONG!

If you haven’t watched this video yet, do so right now! It will change your life forever as a business coach.

When you learn and understand the information in this video, you will immediately gain the ability to position yourself as a world-class coach with tremendous “insight” into small business marketing. But let me give you some additional insights into how you can help your coaching clients to generate immediate results.

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make every day is they fail to capitalize on the limited amount of one-on-one time they spend with their clients. For example, if you charge your clients $1,000 per month, you probably only spend maybe an hour per week working with them one-on-one. The coaches I work with tell me they spend that hour providing guidance and direction to their clients. In other words, they spend that precious time giving their clients : information.”

Then they mistakenly ASSUME their clients will know how to APPLY that information to their business. Trust me when I tell you your clients don’t have a clue how to successfully apply information to any facet of their business.

Now granted, clients do need information in order to successfully build their business, but information on its own is WORTHLESS! it’s the APPLICATION of information that produces results for a business. THAT is what the coach should be spending their time working on with their clients.

My coaches use recorded video coaching and training so they can provide their clients with the right information in the right order… and then they spend that precious hour of weekly coaching time working with their clients to APPLY that information to their business.

They make sure their clients have the basic fundamentals in place to build a successful business. I call these fundamentals the “recipe” for business success, and there are 30 of them that every business MUST have in place to succeed in today’s marketplace. The reason I refer to them as a “recipe” has to do with the fact that they MUST be executed in the right order. Think about baking a cake. You typically follow a recipe, don’t you?

That recipe not only tells you what ingredients to use, it also tells you the order those ingredients need to be mixed. You can’t mix flour and sugar together in a pan, insert that mixture into the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, then take it out of the oven and add the milk and eggs. That will NEVER produce the cake you wanted.

You MUST apply the right information in the right order. And building a successful business is no different.

In future articles, I’ll reveal to you what these fundamentals are, and how the application of these fundamentals will greatly impact the businesses you coach… both professionally and financially.

So until next time,

Adrian Ulsh

 About Adrian Ulsh

Adrian Ulsh is the CEO for Leader Publishing Worldwide, the largest online provider of coaching services worldwide. Adrian currently works with more than 500 coaches in 24 countries advising them on building 6 and 7 figure coaching practices.

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  1. Shep

    Excellent point. Spoken to the heart of the matter of what it takes to help someone effect change. Thanks

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