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The Easy Trick To Gain More Clients By Terri Levine

by | Terri Levine

As a marketing consultant, I’ve helped thousands of business coaches just like you market their services and make much more profit quickly. 

I got to see why they weren’t creating seven-figure businesses prior to working with me.

They were focused on being stellar coaches, and their financial success was lacking. 

Those who spent their time being great coaches not only were lacking in income, they lacked free time.

Meanwhile, the coaches with the million-dollar practices and beyond had plenty of money and free time and were not necessarily the best coaches. 

So What Was Different?

One thing the knowledge and implementation of valid marketing.

Let’s face it; if you can’t get and keep a steady stream of clients coming to your practice, you will never create the income or the freedom you desire. I have seen coaches struggle for years, and some go out of business because they refused to learn to implement valid marketing.

Valid marketing is marketing that is proven to work!

Yet, so many coaches don’t want to spend their time and resources learning and implementing valid marketing. They fear having to close their doors; however they push against implementing valid marketing.

For many coaches, this is their worst possible nightmare. Being forced to become adept at marketing seems almost as painful as going out of business.

I think that coaches have spent years doing marketing that wasn’t valid and didn’t work that now they are shying away from it.

They don’t want to be in sales, and they really don’t want to convince people to buy their coaching services.

I Ask You One Question:

Do The Clients You Serve Get Benefits From Your Coaching?

If the answer is no, get into something you do well or hire another coach to provide the services, and you be the business owner. 

In actuality, you aren’t selling anything. You are simply helping people who want and need your services to get your services. 

The only thing you need to know about selling is: you have to find more people who want what you have, and you have to tell more people about what you have! It really is that simple.

Valid Marketing

I’ve helped over 6,000 coaches, and many have a seven-figure business, like me. There is no theory here – just bonafide marketing that works and will work if you apply it.

Stop the ineffective marketing you were told to do and make the changes I teach you. I want you to be successful, and I know you can if you implement what I teach.

Without valid marketing, you will not have financial freedom.

The Basics

Being the best coach isn’t making you the best-paid coach.

You have to unlearn a lot of the misinformation you have learned. Your coaching skills alone will not make you wealthy.

Being a great coach does nothing for your ability to attract clients, convert and retain them. Aren’t you a really good coach? So, why aren’t prospects lining up?

Because your marketing is not proven and valid.

Answer me honestly.

Do you provide coaching services that help your clients? Do your clients get results from your services? Are they glad they get to work with you?

If you provide a service that has value and you don’t offer it to people, you are selfish. So all I ask is to be willing to let people know what you offer. That is the only selling you will do. 

Your Inner Landscape

Realize right here, right now, you are a coach, and you are also in the business of marketing your coaching services. Marketing your services is equally as important as doing the coaching work.

If you don’t become great at marketing your coaching services, you won’t have clients to utilize your services, and that is selfish.

Marketing your coaching services is not something you do one time – it is an ongoing permanent activity that brings you clients on a regular basis. Clients will come and go, so you always will need more coming than going.

There are many facets to attracting prospective clients. In this article, I will lay the foundation for you. 

What I share works – no law of attraction and hoping it works – all action and marketing that is valid.

I believe that you, like my clients, will actually love my process of marketing because you will find it easy and fun. It won’t be based on convincing people, and it will be based on people coming to you versus you running to them.

The process I will teach you will make marketing natural for you and something that becomes a habit for you.

I will reveal how to focus on ideal prospects that meet your ideal client profile. I will show you how to simplify the core benefits you provide to those who are right for your practice.

Remember the saying, the right clients, with the right message, at the right time? This is what creates your financial success.

Create Your Ideal Client Profile

A common mistake that most coaches make that kills their ability to have high profits is trying to be everything to everyone and attempting to serve all living and breathing clients who can pay for their services.

This is a really bad way to run a business.

Let me use one of my client’s as an example. When he started his coaching practice, he wanted to help everyone. The problem was he couldn’t buy a sorted mailing list for “everyone.”

There was no category “everyone” in magazines either. So he spent a lot of time and a lot of dollars marketing to “everyone” with few results. 

With my help, he specialized in one type of client he could help the most, then he was able to rent a mailing list, find magazines, and speak at events. He had one marketing message for this group of people. He went from a few clients to a waiting list and has never looked back.

Think about this in your own life. Let’s say you wanted some legal advice in your business. You could search the internet. If you searched under the general term “attorney” or “lawyer”, you would still have to find the kind of attorney you need it.

Let’s say you needed one to help you incorporate, then finding divorce attorneys or attorneys in real estate or trust attorneys would be of no use to you. That is why domain names, ad-words, and sponsored links or ads, and social media groups are segmented by type.

You must appeal to one single segment – not the entire market. If you don’t follow this, you will spend a lot of money marketing without successful results. I promise you later, you can add other segments.

When I first began my coaching business, I started by helping people in career transition; then I moved to sales professionals. Now I consult with coaches and consultants because that is where I have decades of experience. 

How Do You Know Which Segment Is Right?

Grab a sheet of paper (don’t keyboard) and set a timer for 2 minutes. Write as fast as you can (without judgment) any and all the ideas you have. Do this for every type of market segment you can think of.

Nothing is ruled out or in here. Write very quickly and Keep writing, even if you feel stuck until the timer has counted down to 2 minutes. I’m not going to teach you anything difficult here! I’m all about doing things easily.

Use These Powerful Questions To Create Your Ideal Client Profile

Do a 2-minute drill for each one.

1. What are all the possible types of clients who can benefit from my services?

2. What kinds of clients do I love to help?

3. What kinds of clients are the most lucrative?

4. What kinds of clients am I great at helping?

5. What causes people to become my clients?

Look at your list. Circle or highlight the answers that resonate the most for you.Notice themes where certain answers show up on more than one drill.

Which types of clients are most profitable for you and easiest for you to find? Focus on these as your utmost opportunity.

Cross-off any client type you would not enjoy working with or aren’t qualified to work with. Notice if you have any segments that are too large. 

For example,  All women who want to start a business vs. women between the ages of 40-55 who have lost their jobs and want to start a social media agency. The first one is general; the second is specific. I want you to get this down to specifics.

If you notice your segment is too large (like business help), then make the segment much, much smaller, or remove it from your list.

Review your list. If anything isn’t jazzing you, get rid of it. There is plenty of business for you out there. No need to service clients you don’t enjoy working with.

This is how you will determine the ONE segment that you will be focused on.

For each remaining segment, you now ask these questions. 

  1. Do clients in this category tend to seek out coaches? If no, remove this category. It takes too much time and money to educate clients who don’t seek out services. 
  2. Do clients in this category have the money to invest in my coaching? Let’s not waste time and money marketing to people who cannot afford you. 
  3. Our clients in this category the decision-makers? If not, you are again spending time and money speaking to the wrong audience. 
  4. Is this segment clearly defined and very specific?  For example, landscapers are a specific category. 
  5. Are there enough people in this category to build my business from? If you choose some rare goal that few people have or a small segment of people, you will not succeed. 
  6. Is this segment fairly easy for me to reach? Are there organizations, associations, newspapers, mailing lists, internet forums, social media groups, blogs, podcasts, etc. for the segment? 
  7. Am I credible in this area, or can I quickly become credible with the segment? If you are known in this segment, it is easy to market and be successful quickly. If you need to be known, you are going to have to be doing press releases, mailings, speaking, etc. It is also possible to borrow someone else’s credibility in the industry to get in front of their clients.

Now is the time to narrow your focus.

Review your answers. If there are clients who want what you provide, that is a viable category. If not, scratch it off now.

If the clients and the category have the funds, keep that category. If not, delete it.

Are the clients in the category the ones making the decision? If it is up to a different department to make the decision, then cross-off this category.

Really question whether the segment is very clear and specific. If no, you know what to do!

Are there enough people in this category? Again, be honest and cross-off the category if the answer is no.

Is the segment one you can reach pretty easily? Do some research on the internet and find out.

And finally, if you aren’t credible or can’t quickly become credible to this category, pass it by.

Narrow down to one segment that is your highest opportunity market segment. If you have two or three that are somewhat equal, just pick the one that resonates with you the most. 

You have just completed the most important step that most coaches never do! Congratulations! I celebrate you for taking action. 

I have a master class for you to get a conveyor belt of qualified prospects. 

 About Terri Levine

Dr. Levine has more than 30 years of business, sales, and marketing experience encompassing work with over 5,000 business owners. She is also a best-selling author of over 30 titles and a very popular keynote speaker.

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