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Social Media VS Email The Redefinition of Leads By Justin Brooke

by | Justin Brooke

You might need a coffee for this one…

Social Media VS Email

What are the attributes of a “lead?”

1. Belongs to a human

2. Personal data

3. Contact info

4. Interested in what you sell

5. Permission to follow up

6. Potential to purchase

Did I miss anything?

Where in this does it say that a “lead” must be an email address?

Because just 25yrs back leads were not emails. They were physical addresses and/or phone numbers.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because currently, it is MASSIVELY easier and cheaper to buy followers than email leads.

WAIT… before someone beats the war drum in the comments about how buying followers is fake and gets no engagement and is deceptive etc.

Homie, don’t play dat!

I’m not talking about buying 20,000 followers for $20 on Fiverr or eBay. Or wherever that stuff happens.

I’m talking about real genuine hot prospects. 

The Test

Here’s a test I do…

If I’m paying for followers on social media (I am right now on IG), then I do a fast scroll. You know the thumb flick thing that makes it look all spin-y and blurry.

Yes, swish up and then randomly stop on any new follower. You should be able to visit that follower’s profile and, in less than 10 seconds, see clear evidence that they are “in market.”

When I do this with my current leads I can see right from their IG bios that they are in my market.

I’ve done this test numerous times with my new followers, and every time, thumb flick, random stop, view profile, boom yep bio confirms they’re “in market.”


What does “in-market” mean?

This means they are interested in the topic I will be following them up with. You know so they don’t hit the spam button and unsubscribe.

Only on social media spam = report or hide and unsubscribe means unfollow.

In market also means they are “in the market” for whatever it is I’m selling. In this case, it’s discipleship training (FaithFunnels).

So are you with me now?

The reason I’m planting this flag today and trying to create awareness about this…

I have been in the lead gen game for a loooooong time.

Grab my free course

That course is really just a giant case study. Kind of like my best work ever case study. 

And in my best work ever after over a decade of lead gen with paid traffic, the best I could get my CPL down too (at scale) was $1.50ish.

But when I’m buying social media followers, I can fart out a campaign from my phone and get $1 leads all day.

In fact, I’ve gotten as low as $0.40 per lead buying social media followers. 

It’s darn hard to do that with email leads.

And these followers still let me follow up with them for free day after day. Plus, when I make offers to them, they buy what I recommend (once they trust me).


Not saying email is dead.

Still do email lead gen. It’s great. I make 60%+ of my revenue from email. But my social media followers do just as well when we promote an offer to them.

In fact, it’s gotten to the point where my team is reminding me to make sure I also promote our offers on social because, without it, we just don’t do the big numbers.

Building a big list isn’t rocket science.

It’s very simple math.

Your cost per lead must be less than your earnings per lead. And with social followers, the cost per lead is VERY VERY undervalued at the moment.

If you believe in that simple principle, CPL < EPL, then you would have to be ignorant to not be buying social followers.

All I do is promote a good piece of content that I know my market would be attracted too. Then I make sure I’m targeting the right audience. And select “promote profile” as the objective. 

The right audience sees the content, has a WOW I LIKE THIS moment, and hits the follow button so they can get more.

Now for days/weeks/months, I get to follow up with that new follower for free. And the best part about social media vs email, is people like getting more than one message a day on social.

Sure, you can get away with 2 emails a day, but try sending 6 a day and see what happens. But with social media, it’s almost like the more I send them, the more they love and trust me.

It feels like the old days when people loved email so much they used to have notification bells just to let them know “YOU HAVE MAIL!”

Anyway, I hope this has been insightful and gives you a paradigm shift in your lead gen game.

Justin Brooke 


Social Media VS Email The Redefinition of Leads By Justin Brooke

 About Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke is the founder of Adskills. We are the world's largest online school for digital advertising. We teach advertisers how to install proven campaign frameworks tested first with our own dollars.

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