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One Thing: Day 86: Your Magic Lantern/One Wish 

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 86: Your Magic Lantern/One Wish 

Yesterday I was talking about how one of my hockey kids, Nathan Walker, that used to attend my “Goal Scoring School” managed to score a couple goals and work his way onto the 1st line of the Stanley Cup winning St Louis Blues in three games/one week.

Pretty crazy. 

He’s 5’9” when he’s standing on a telephone book and 175 pounds soaking wet. 

The guy he lined up against is 6’4” without the phone book and weighs 220 pounds before breakfast. 

And naturally angry.

If Nathan Walker can skate on the first line of the St Louis Blues against Godzilla’s illegitimate child… you can go get yourself a couple business coaching clients. 

I promise. 


A story 

3 coaches go fishing in the middle of the ocean when their boat engine seizes… it caused a bad leak in the boat and they frantically had to row to the nearest Island where they were left stranded.   

One was a Business Coach. One was a Life Coach. And the other a Grief Coach. 

Note: The whole point of a grief coach is to get their client out of grief. 

So when a grief coach gets his/her new coaching client out of grief and presumably as a quickly as possible… they lose the client and need to find a new one. 


With a business model like that I sure hope their spouse is making lotsa money.  

Back to my story. 

So, the three coaches were stranded on an Island and while exploring the business coach stumbled upon a magic lantern. 

Wait for it…

The Genie grants each of the coaches a wish. 

Coach number 1 is the Business Coach and he rubs the lantern… the Genie pops out and the business coach says: 

“Magic Genie I’m cold, wet and scared… I have a beautiful life and many lives to change with my business. I’m missing my amazing home, my business coaching clients, my two wonderful kids and my beautiful, sexy wife. 

Can you grant me the wish to go home to my family and coach clients please?” 

POOF… he’s gone and the other two coaches watch in total amazement. 

Coach number 2, the Life Coach’s turn. 

She rubs the lantern and again the big beautiful Genie pops out.

The Life Coach says: 

“Genie I’m cold and wet too… my sixteen cats that poop everywhere, except in the kitty litter, must be missing me terribly and although my life is a total and utter mess… I’d still like to go home. 

I have a wonderful business that I’m super passionate about although I don’t have any clients to serve yet…. Genie, did I tell you how passionate I am about my coaching business? 

Sorry Genie, I got off track and can’t stop thinking about my cats. Where am I again and which ‘social media’ program was I about to buy to solve all my problems before leaving on the fishing trip? 

Genie can you grant me one wish of sending me back home to the chaos and my cats please?”

POOF… She’s gone and the Grief Coach looks on awestruck.

Also wondering what ‘social media program’ the Life Coach was about to buy to solve all her business problems. It sounds totally amazing.   

Coach number 3, The Grief Coach can’t believe his luck… OMG this is incredible he says out loud.

He proceeds to rub the lantern like he’s trying to flatten pizza dough. The beautiful Genie pops out and the Grief Coach says:

“Beautiful Genie your powers blow my mind and I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now.

I’ve had a revelation over the past 30 minutes watching all of this…. I own a coaching business that I’m super pumped about.

Did I tell you how PUMPED I am Genie? 

Look, I don’t do cold calls but I’m seriously pumped to really change a lot of lives. Just not pumped enough to cold call even though I have no network. 

I’ve realized why my mentors and I have never actually kept a client longer than 6 weeks and the better we get at this whole ‘grief coaching thing’… the shorter period our clients stay and the less they pay.

Kind of like being on the world’s biggest nightmare of a hamster wheel. 

Or almost like our business model is totally broken and no amount of duct tape in the world could ever fix it. 

It’s weird.

But I’m super pumped. 

I’ve been talking to the other two coaches about all of this while we were in the boat and I can’t wait to share this with them.

Genie, can you bring back my two coaching friends so I can tell them my revelation please. 

They’re going to be SO PUMPED. 

Thank you, Genie”

The end. 

After my Mother in Law reads this, she’s going to send me a text message, without spaces or grammar, that says: 


My reply:  *She prefers I send no spaces back to her no spaces texts with zero grammar* 


You heard it here first.


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Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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