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One Thing: Day 826: Musk. Start. eBay.

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series

Day 826: Musk. Start. eBay.

Yesterday I was explaining why many coaches attract broke destitute business owners as well as why my nephew says marriage is an expensive way of getting your laundry done for free.

Speaking of realizations… here are three I had over the weekend:

1. If I sit on the toilet at 11.59 and the clock ticks over it’s the same sh*t but different day.

2. If I buy a lottery ticket I’m already a loser.

3. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

In other news…

It’s not who you are that’s holding you back… it’s who you think you’re not.



‘Elon Musk’s Start’

The alien just trying to get home is worth close to 200 billion.

Question: Do you know how he got started..?

His first big play was Paypal.

He got it going without a high profile.

He got it going without an impressive rolodex (is that still a thing?).

He got it going without investors.

Without a meaningful marketing budget.

Here’s what he did.

He sat at his computer, working his butt off reaching out cold to every seller on eBay that he could find.

He convinced them via phone / private message / email / text to sign up for Paypal.

Apparently it worked out alright.

Steve Jobs worked the phone until his jaw hurt getting Apple off the ground.


*Most coaches hide behind their computer staring at the phone experiencing pain*

Don’t do that.

You heard it here first.

Now, pick up the phone and go help someone.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl


PS. Stop expecting loyalty from people who can’t even give you honesty.

PPS. If this helps and you want it to really sink in… GO TEACH IT to someone cause that’s the best way for you to learn it. A friend, your spouse, a prospect, a client etc…So will your bank account.

*Don’t plagiarize my work like a lame arse.

PPPS. Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love X 100.

Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and unfortunately, far more.

As good business coaches we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives!

A true life of purpose.

PPPPS. If you’re looking for a proven system to follow for your coaching…. I created Profit Acceleration Software™ as well as our Digital Acceleration Software™ and high-end step-by-step training to support it…

It’ll teach you ‘How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’

Imagine finding your annual $12,000 to $50,000 coaching fees BEFORE you started coaching your new clients?!  And a proven coaching system created for you to follow with your new coaching client.

PPPPPS. Forward this to someone that needs to subscribe to my daily emails and get a limited-time, complimentary subscription to my business coaching magazine go here:

PPPPPPS. They tell me my Podcast is Ric Flair style, Money Makin, Client Getten, Joint Venture Landing, Event Fillin, High-End Coaching Client Findin Gold For Business Coaches.

Missed a day? Catch up here.

Karl Bryan, creator of Profit Acceleration Software™  

Karl is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world. His goal is straightforward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients. Find out more at

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