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One Thing: Day 80: Becoming Independently Wealthy 

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Day 80: Becoming Independently Wealthy  

Yesterday I was explaining you’re a competitive advantage is as a coach.

Staying Focused.

Which is exactly why I bought the domain name ‘’

You have the option of placing your focus on ‘C level’ priorities or your ‘A level’ priorities.

Much like my grades in school…. Most are focusing on C.

Are there F level priorities??


Successful financial future

If you take 100 people at age 25… they are all fired up and expecting to have a successful financial future.

The results of those 100 25-year-old’s at the age of 60 looks like so:

1 Will be independently wealthy

7 Will comfortably be able to support themselves financially

24 Will still be working to support themselves

39 Will be relying on others for

29 Will no longer be with us

Please read those numbers again.

You have a 1% chance of being independently wealthy and an 8% chance of having a comfortable financial life in retirement. 

I don’t know about you but the thought of having to work at the hardware store at the ripe of old age of 70… doesn’t exactly excite me.

Word of warning… when I say today’s ‘one thing’ my wife responds with “well yeah obviously…”

As you’ll see below… she likes stuff.

My daughters like stuff.

I’m surrounded by stuff.

This one is a do as I say, not as I do, kinda moment.

Double Anyhoo….

You’re ONE THING today is that:

“If You Buy Stuff… You End Up With STUFF.”  

More to the point stop giving your money away.

The average person spends money in roughly this manner:  

$75 on Healthy fruit and veggies at the grocery store – I won’t eat them/too expensive 

$75 On a Black Shirt To Add Your Other Black Shirts – Hell Ya/Great value

$100 on Vitamins – I’ll forget to take them/too expensive

$100 on Another ½ Price Pair of Shoes That Don’t Quite Fit – Hell Ya/Great Value

$250 on Personal Growth Seminar – I won’t follow through/too expensive

$250 on Sunglasses – Hell ya/Great Value

$1000 on A Business Idea – I won’t follow through/too expensive

$1000 (annually) on New Phone – Hell Ya/Great Value

Then there is the time…

60 Minutes Working Out – I have no time

120 minutes on a Movie – Hell ya/Great Use of Time  

These aren’t judgments… these are observations and what the stats clearly show and why 1 out of 100 will be independently wealthy.  

Become an investor instead of a consumer.

You don’t want to be working at the hardware store on your 70th birthday… unless you WANT to be working at the hardware store for fun.

And donating your pay check to local disadvantaged kids because you don’t need the money.  

Stop buying stuff… the kids need your help.

You heard it here first…

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. We released Profit Acceleration Software last night and it was incredible.

Not often I get nervous but I have to tell you I was BIG TIME nervous for this one..

We had hundreds of our business coaches on the line for it. It’s been a three-year journey and it looks INSANE.

The functionality is simply incredible and plenty more on the way.

Imagine software that basically provides the roadmap for you and your coaching client.

And, importantly, it ensures a VERY profitable relationship for your new coaching client and the roadmap to follow for all involved.

Business Coaching will never be the same.

Yes, I realize that’s a BIG statement.

We’ll all know if I backed it up in three years time.

PPS. You’re running out of time to leave a review and enter the draw to my guest in Cancun for Business Coaching Mastery 6 (BCM6).

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Business Coaching Secrets


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