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One Thing: Day 79: Your Competitive Advantage

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Day 79: Your Competitive Advantage

Yesterday I was explaining how you can get a ton of exposure by stopping traffic and manufacturing your own local Zombie Apocalypse. 

It’ll get you lots of attention but just don’t expect the Police to be happy about it.


Today’s ONE THING is that, as a business coach, your competitive advantage is:

Your Focus. 

And it’s the same for your clients.

An example could be:

  • You have a prospect who might buy
  • A $500 per month client
  • And a $24,000 client that pays you $2k per month.

Who gets more of your time/attention/focus? 

Hopefully the $24,000.00 client but that’s rarely the case. 

This is NOT to say you ignore the prospect… but the prospect has more ‘excitement’ and ‘uncertainly’ attached to it.

Therefore, mistakenly gets more of your competitive advantage. 

The equivalent happens in other areas of your business.

Have you ever noticed when you go away on vacation that the day before you leave is insanely productive?

Every day can be like that if you create a focused system and some rules.


Here’s a great roadmap that’ll likely help you and your high-end coaching clients.

When the day is over, write down (consider using a pen and paper rather than a computer or phone) the 3 top priorities for you to complete tomorrow.

When you get into the office in the AM… do not hit texts/emails/FB etc….

Look at your list of the top 3 priorities as your number one task.

Sign off on them or change them as needed before the day starts.

Make a 100% commitment to do what it takes to get those 3 priorities completed.

Ideally, early in the day.   

Watch what happens to your productivity and also to your bank account.

You heard it here first.

Speak to you tomorrow. 

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl 

PS. Not to brag, but most of my family isn’t speaking to me.


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