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One Thing: Day 74: How To Buy That Cottage on the Lake  

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Day 74: How To Buy That Cottage on the Lake  

Yesterday I explained, as a business coach, EXACTLY who your competition is.

Not who you expected.

I think I was also gushing over a certain 6 foot tall leggy opinionated blond about 15 years my junior for the last couple days.

It’s OK… my wife approves.

So do my daughters.

There is very little they agree with me on…. So this is exciting.



Despite most people’s social media profiles and flashy cars and boats… most are not living the life of luxury.

I’ve got a buddy that bought a $60k brand new BMW that in my opinion, he couldn’t afford. “Keepin up with the Jones’s”, cough cough.

In his words “He’s not a details guy”… So I made him pull out the paperwork and saw he was paying 10% interest and the term was 72 months.


I whipped out my calculator, PointDexter and I never not have one in our breast pocket, and pumped in the numbers.

He nearly fell off his chair when I showed him the car is really costing him $79,591.86.

But whose counting.

I went to our friend Google and found his exact car 2 years old and with 38,000 miles on it… for $39,000.

 That’s a potential DIFFERENCE of $40,591.00

That amount (difference) $40,591 invested at 8% interest for 10 years is $87,632.92.

But whose counting and hey… ‘he’s not a details guy.’ 

In a very non-detailed way… he should have punted on 4th and 1.

Double Anyhoo…

Today’s ONE THING is a simple list of things you need to GIVE UP if you want to kick your competitions arse over the next 365 days. 

  • Trying to Please Everyone
  • Saying Yes When You Should Say No (A SKILL you need to practice and improve)
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Analysis Paralysis  
  • Your Fear of Change
  • Living in the Past
  • Saying No to Exercise
  • Eating Garbage After 8pm
  • Not Tracking / Managing / CRITIQUING Expenses (Business and Personal)

You heard it here first.

You also need to stop saying no to reviewing / ratings / listening to my new Podcast, ‘Business Coaching Secrets’.

It’s a beauty and the reviews have been insane. Thousands of people have tuned in and we only launched it a week ago.

Check it out HERE


Obsessed with your business coaching success.

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Buying a new car for that “new car smell” is idiotic. Three of them is that cottage on the lake for your retirement.

The end.


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