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One Thing: Day 73: Beating Your Competition

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 73: Beating Your Competition 

Yesterday I told you a story about Burton snowboards and how Jake almost single-handedly got the sport of snowboarding off the ground.

I also told you mentioned how I respect and look up to Taylor Swift.

Yes, I said that.

One of best buddies ‘Biebers Dad’ is probably a little disappointed at her jabs at ‘ole Scooter Braun but hey… that’s part of what makes her so cool to her fans.

Being a 6 foot tall, leggy blonde bombshell, probably doesn’t hurt either.


Your competition is not the other coaches.

It’s not the local economy nor how ‘no one has any money’.

It’s not the accountants that ‘don’t think a coach is a good idea’ when their client asks.

Your ONE THING today is the competition.

It’s YOU.

You are your competition.

You see it on reality TV like The Bachelor.

The contestants beat themselves right before your eyes and you’re looking at the screen asking ‘Why?’

You see it on Survivor. You see it in your friends.

Hint: When married people start hanging out with single people.

They become single people.

You see it in your kids.

You see it in professional athletes when they start to spiral. 

Antonio Brown, cough cough.

The good news is…. You’re super easy to beat.

The bad news is…. You probably feel like you’re losing.

How do you start to win?

Stress is taking something small and making it BIG.

Don’t go for a ten-mile jog.

Just put your shoes on and walk around the block.

Don’t become a social media superstar.

Like and leave three short comments on local business owners’ posts.  

Don’t call 25 business owners today and fill your next event.

Pick up the phone and compassionately speak to a business owner (as in phone someone advertising with the equivalent of a blown up business card with zero compelling about his advertisement – and say ‘I don’t need to ask if your ad is working, it’s clearly not because it has nothing compelling about it… please save the money and spend it on taking your kids to Disneyland. I gotta go cause I’m super busy…. Goodbye.’ Magically they won’t want you to hang up a decent percentage of the time).

Don’t worry about building a list of 10,000.

Send a single email…

I’ll leave you with three words.

‘Progress equals happiness.’

You heard it here first.

I need some sleep.


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. When Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan are talking stocks and they say “Market Perform”…. that means ‘We don’t know’.

Most definitely punt.

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