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One Thing: DAY 72: Burton Snowboards  

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DAY 72: Burton Snowboards  

Last week I launched my new Podcast ‘Business Coaching Secrets’… it’s taken some of the “gurus” over 12 months to get thousands of people listening to their podcast and we managed to do that in a week. 

Kinda incredible and insanely humbling.

Thank YOU and also thank you to my TEAM.   

Tammi, Torie, Sean, Scott, RodeDog, Craig, Chris, Alan, Danni, Walt, Jericho, Satoshi, Adrian, Pat, Warren, Dave and all the others… you’re all rock stars. 

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to, leave a review for my Podcast and be entered to win a trip to Cancun as my guest for Business Coaching Mastery 6 (BCM6). 

Some of my favorite public reviews / comments on the Podcast so far:

‘Karl and RodeDog rival Gary Vee and D Rock.’

‘Karl Bryan is an underrated Marketing Genius.’ 

‘For a guy with no belly button great things come from his mouth.’ 

‘Karl Bryan is in a league of his own.’ 

‘If you’re a business coach this is Captain Obvious.’

‘Karl has a brilliant mind.’ 

“Dishing out checks and scoring points…” 

Leave a cool review and I’ll post the best ones at the end of the week. 

For the record I think we’re already better than Gary Vee and D Rock but hey…. I’m bias as heck and some of the content coming your way will blow your mind. 

And no… none of the above is going to my head because every day I’m reminded how little I matter. No one in my own house listens to a word I say.

Including my two dogs and cat.  

My entire four walls are made up of females which might explain something. 

I might go buy a male gerbil. Surely he’ll pay homage.

 Probably not.

Could be discrimination around the whole ‘sans belly button’ thing?! 


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On Friday I was explaining how it’s not about “finding yourself”… it’s about “creating yourself.” 

Here’s a powerful lesson from one of the GREATS on a topic I’ve talked about many times ‘creation’.

Burton Snowboards founder Jake Burton Carpenter died at age 65 of testicular cancer last week. 

He and his wife Donna still own 100% of the company which is no small feat given the size of the company. 

A total legend and what most don’t know is that he almost single-handedly CREATED the snowboard industry thanks to a bad day of sales. 

Here’s a story in his words about going door to door in the early days… how the poor results made him, ASK A DIFFERENT QUESTION, and rethink his entire strategy.

I loaded my station wagon with 35 boards and came back with 37 because one of the shop owners returned two he had previously bought. It was depressing. So I decided to stop worrying about immediate profitability and focused instead on cultivating the sport itself. I don’t know if that was luck or timing or foresight, but that’s what I did then and have done ever since. 

The key lesson there and your ONE THING today is “cultivating the sport itself.” 

What are you doing to cultivate successful business ownership in your market? 

What are your coaching clients doing to “cultivate their market?” 

As a long-term strategy, it’s a far more impressive game plan to grow the pie than worry about your slice.

Very rare.

You could be running a weekly breakfast / lunch meet up with local business owners teaching small business magic (I did this to the tune of one million dollars in coaching sales +) while they eat. 

You could create the local small business awards.

You could go to the high school and teach “how to become an entrepreneur” (hint they all have parents and often the kids that attend something like this come from entrepreneurial families).

So many other ideas if you got creative. 

When I owned a hockey rink I had to grow the sport because hockey pretty much didn’t exist in the area prior to us opening our doors. 

After many years we had a Pro League and a huge amount of grassroots development.

 My business partner still owns the rink today and thanks to “cultivating the sport itself’ and the foundation we created… it’s going strong 20 years later.

You heard it here first.

Tomorrow I’ve got a beauty coming your way about ‘who you’re competing with.

It’s not who you think.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. I watched the American Music Awards tonight with my wife. All I can say, and what I told my wife while watching, is that I hope my daughters grow up to be like Taylor Swift. 

I look up to her. 

Yes, I just said that.

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