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One Thing: Day 68: Game Changing Favor For Both Of Us 

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 68: Game Changing Favor For Both Of Us 

Yesterday I explained how percentages are incorrectly read 90% of the time. 

Over a decade ago when I did traditional internet marketing I went from 5% conversion on my landing page, which was very profitable, to a 7% conversion…

It likely doesn’t sound like it was that impressive but an increase from 5 to 7% is a 40% increase and was a MONSTER jump in my profitability…  

My first two “Big Hooks” (every successful marketing campaign needs a HOOK) were: 

1. “How I Earned $197,000 In My First 9 Months Online As A Coach.”

2. “How I Generated 250 Hot New Coaching Leads in 90 Days Using Google.”

I created a DVD and $97 membership site and used the strategy and what’s affectionately referred to as “Free Plus Shipping With Forced Continuity” in the internet marketing world.  

Reality is I did well (a lot better than $197k but too big of a number hurt sales) but there’s no relationship in that game and therefore the ‘chargebacks’ were not a lot of fun to deal with.

I came to realize being assigned ‘an account manager’ with Visa was not a positive thing.  



I need a favor…. and I need to interrupt regularly scheduled programming for it. 

But in return I’m going to change your business coaching life, in an insanely positive and profitable way, with my BRAND NEW… hard-hitting, myth destroying, money-making, seductive but delusional book title destroying, paradigm-shifting… New Podcast. 


Some of my core beliefs will be on FULL and UNEDITED display:

“The Crazy Ones Make All The Money!”

“If You Motivate An Idiot… They Do Stupid Things Quicker!”

“GUT” Stands For ‘Gave Up Thinking’

“TEAM… Lets Buy Facebook Ads and Disregard Accounts Receivables… I Wonder How It’ll End?”

“Work, Life, Balance…YOU WISH!”

“4 Hour Workweek? That’s Awesome As Long As Your Competition Is Only Punching Out 3”  

“High Ticket Sales… How’s That Workin Out For Your Realtor Friend? Let me introduce you to my neighbor whose 27-year-old kid, drives a $350,000 Lamborghini. They own a Cleaning Company That The High Ticket Guys Would Make Fun Of”  

“The Secret? The Only Secret Is That There Is No Secret. ‘Work Your Arse Off And Then Do It Some More And Have No One Appreciate It” Didn’t Sell Many Books.


If you’ve found these emails to be helpful… I drop about 10 BOMBS on every episode and sometimes say some wild stuff I’d love to have back but… 

Too late. 

Your ONE THING today is to click here to download my new  ‘Business Coaching Secrets’ Podcast:


And if I get enough downloads… I might show you a picture of my bellybuttonless belly. 

As I hear a collective GHASP.

I know nothing that could be more enticing and exciting as that for you. And I’m on a diet in anticipation. 

I’m also bringing one lucky listener to Business Coaching Mastery 6 (BCM6) in Cancun Mexico as my guest. 

However, you MUST download my podcast today and leave a review for my new podcast to enter to win. 

In case you don’t know… iTunes uses the number of downloads and reviews to rank Podcasts. So you’ll be doing me a HUGE favor by entering / downloading / reviewing. 

I promise to return the favor with my content.  

I’ve built 3 seven-figure coaching companies and used to do $400,000 per month in new small business coaching clients.   

I’ve closed 7 high-end business coaching clients in a day. 

Also made some ghastly mistakes that’d blow your mind… in both their size and the stupidity required. 

On ‘Business Coaching Secrets’ I always try to bring it back to 3 primary areas to keep you focused and on track: 

1. How to generate small business leads en masse 

2. How to close high end coaching clients with ease 

3. How to get fast profitable results for your new coaching clients… so they can happily afford to pay your fees! 

I’ve already got about 20 Podcasts in the can that’ll be released weekly. 

All my BEST STUFF is dropped on these episodes and I’ve already interviewed Multiple 7 figure coaches like Brad Sugars, Justin Brooke, Evan Carmichael and MANY MANY more. 

Note: my ONE THING emails will not be interrupted. 

Regularly scheduled programming will come backatcha tomorrow where I’ll explain “common sizing” your coaching clients’ income statement and why, if it doesn’t put you to sleep, it’s so insanely powerful (profitable) for your new coaching clients. 

And very simple for your client to do.  

Click here to download my podcast:


Thank me later.

Obsessed with your business coaching success, 

Karl Bryan aka King Karl  

PS. Every episode is like “A Door Marked ‘WOW‘ for Business Coaches! More feedback from folks that previewed my new Podcast.

“You’re one in a million. Business coaching is lucky to have you.” 

“Pure knowledge bombs for hours straight! Wow, and thank you.

“KK, you’re crazy. Great content.”

Download my new Podcast ‘Business Coaching Secrets’:




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