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One Thing: Day 66: Count, Measure or Weigh It

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 66: Count, Measure or Weigh It

Yesterday I was explaining how someone saying “I can’t wait to get big so I can get rich…“ 

It is like saying “I can’t wait to have no belly button so I can become a topless model.”

I speak from experience that topless model gigs are hard to come by sans belly button.


This is worth repeating from yesterday.

Businesses get big as a result of success… they don’t get successful as a result of getting big.

People fall for the seductive names of business books and programs… 

They unknowingly create a subconscious goal of “Get Big” “4 Hour Workweek” or “Work-Life Balance”…

They read the cover and not the book. 

Today’s ONE THING is to help your coaching client:

 Weigh it

Count it

Measure it 


“I want to become healthy.” 

“I want to start making some real money.” 

“I’m going to take my business to the next level …”

… Are examples of statements that’ll likely go exactly nowhere. 

Here is a goal that has a good chance of coming to fruition for your coaching client.

“Revenues were $34,567 last month and this month our new marketing campaign will result in 4 new sales and take revenues to $39.000. We’ll measure them on the 30th and see if we hit our targets and fully expect to do so.”

In other words…

If your client can weigh, count or measure it… they can dramatically, and quickly, improve it.

Translation… they keep paying your high-end coaching fees and refer you to their colleagues. 

It’s how I’ve managed to have coaches working with me for over ten years.

And counting. 

If your client can’t count, measure or weigh it… it’s virtually impossible to measurably improve it. 

Get creative in clever ways to help them do this.

You heard it here first. 

And of course, don’t forget to do the same for yourself. 

How many businesses did you help this week? 

Projections for next week? 

How many new prospects did you create? 

How many LinkedIn / FB messages did you send out? 

How many new coaching clients?

Where is your coaching revenue in comparison to last month? 

How many speaking events did you do over the last quarter?

And this is the BIG ONE:

How many coaches / prospective coaches did you forward my emails to so that they can subscribe?!

I’m counting.


Speak to you on Monday.


Coming next week that you’ve been waiting for.

Well… only if you like lots of high-end, long term, coaching clients and a big fat bank balance.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

Ps. Many people I meet have a big wishbone and small backbone.

Tom Brady doesn’t “wish” to do well on Sunday.

He demands it and his diet and workout regime reflect it. 

Serena Williams isn’t “wishing” to win the next slam and solidify her spot on GOAT.

She’s working her arse off.

Sidney Crosby (total stud hockey player!!) got injured recently and “hopium” is not on his program while he heals his busted foot.

I get an email almost everyday “where do you come up with all this content and who does it for you?”

I write every word (unfortunately that might be obvious haha) and it’s bloody HARD WORK and there are days and nights I’d much much much rather go to bed. 

I’m setting the standard for the entire business coaching industry and these emails (right, wrong or indifferent) are my way of setting an example much like I tried to do when I was the Captain of my hockey team.

That’s not meant to be boasting and I’m good if you think it’s arrogant.

My approach will not alter one iota cause I’ve got a job to do and a mission to fulfill. 

I’m not trying to impress anyone reading.

I’m trying to impress myself.


What are you doing to set an example for the business owners you hope to coach?

Go inspire them. 

Mastery is what you do when no one is watching. 

And your growth will intimidate those who love you the most.

So be careful on the “loss of love” inner fear you have that fast forwards into “self-sabotage.” 

The end.


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