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One Thing: Day 53: Peeing in the Pool / Money

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 53: Peeing in the Pool / Money

Yesterday I explained how you can 10X your goals while in Mexico.

You were also envisioning me in my Speedo… typing away.

It was weird for both of us.

Today I want to tell you about a conversation I had with a very tall guy from Chicago while we were in the pool.

He drank lots and didn’t leave the pool once… his wife told our friends, later, that he peed in the pool three times?!

It ended with all 6’6” of him hugging me and telling me:

“You changed my life man, Thank You.”

I just wish it didn’t happen while he was peeing on me.

Now that I think of it the water was a little warmer than usual?!


An abbreviated version of the conversation went something like this.

I’ll call him Tall Peeboy.

Tall Peeboy: I sell purebred pugs.

Warm Me: I’ve got a pug named Bella. Awesome dog.

Tall Peeboy: Ya people that buy them are insanely passionate.

Warm Me: Yes I know, we take ours to “Pugs on the Beach” so she can hang with other pugs. It’s hilarious.

Tall Peeboy: Very common.

Warm Me: You sell the dogs… when they ask you about food, what do you say?

Tall Peeboy: Ya they all ask and I recommend they buy the brand XYZ (I can’t remember the name).

Warm Me: You realize you should be creating a brand of dog food for Pugs, don’t you?

Tall Peeboy: Selling food is too much of a pain to bother with.

Warm Me: I’m enjoying my pool day with my daughter so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I help people successfully build businesses for a living.

Have you ever heard of a coffee company giving away a coffee machine to sell the coffee beans?

Tall Peeboy: Yes we had that at my old corporate job… I was actually in charge of maintaining the machine.

Warm Me: They make the money on the on-going coffee sales.

So much so that they just give the coffee machine away.

OK… so think about this, I’d give you the Pug for free (I’d need some paperwork to ensure you only bought dog food from me) to sell you the dog food.

And now you’re wondering how I’m going to create the food?

All you do is buy some of the food you’re recommending for pugs.

Give it to what’s called a “co-packer” to reverse engineer the food so you know what’s in it (few moving parts here I won’t bother outlining… what’s important is that you realize it’s easy).

Change up the ingredients and make your own recipe using that successful brand/recipe as a guide.

Hire a professional graphic designer, give her/him (no less than) five labels of dog food that you think are packaged well and that sell well.

FYI Whatever is eye level at the grocery store is selling well. Or they wouldn’t allow it to be at eye level.

Approve the artwork the graphic designer came up with and you’re in the dog food business.

Btw I wouldn’t actually give you the dog for free… and you don’t have to.

Just trying to give you the extreme example of how far I’d go.

In 5 years you will have built a company (the dog food biz) that you’ll be able to sell one day.

The purebred dog selling gig is just a promotion with zero “value”…and “value” is what you sell one day.

You can sell a dog once.

But you can sell dog food, monthly, to the new dog owner for 15 years.

And you can create dog food for British Bulldogs, Boxers etc…

Tall Peeboy: (has dragged his wife over to listen by this stage. He was so interested he’s stopped drinking)  That’s incredible, I’ve never thought of that, and we actually have a co-packer that makes dog food down the road from where we live.

Warm Me: Sounds like it’s meant to be.

Enjoy your day… btw the water is kinda warm today, don’t you think??

Tall Peeboy: (wraps his long and large arms around me) “You just changed my life man. Thank you!”

The end.

Your ONE THING Is that your client should be building “value… “value” is what you can sell one day.

No repeat sales (selling a dog to someone)… no business.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Hard work gives birth… to profitable ideas.

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