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ONE THING: Day 5: Five Best ALL TIME Marketing Offers

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 5: Five Best ALL TIME Marketing Offers

If you’re paying attention… the massage didn’t go very well last night but I did get a yummy breakfast of ham and eggs with a green smoothie.

I take what I can get around here.

I’m going to stay on the theme of promotions for your ONE THING and reverse engineer one of the very best, McDonald’s.

I like a Big Mac once in a while. My 6-year-old daughter loves it too and she asks:
“Daddy, can we go to Old McDonalds”

My 21-year-old daughter asks:

“Can I have $500” and wonders why I’m spending more time with her younger sister nowadays. I tell her “you have bad MATH” LOL



Love or hate McDonald’s… they’re marketing geniuses with a market cap of over 100 billion.

Great MATH.

The ALL-TIME 5 best and highest-performing offers at McDonalds are:

  • 2 for 1 offer for a limited time
  • Discounting menu items for a limited time
  • A special item (McRib / Angus Burger / McDLT) for limited time
  • A game promotion or contest for a limited time.
  • A movie or TV show tie in toy promotion for a limited availability (until stock lasts) for a limited time

Do you see a trend with McDonalds’, a 100-Billion-dollar company, 5 best all time offers?

It’s also your ONE THING today:


If you’re trying to sell your coaching or anything for that matter… and not using SCARCITY in some way you’re making a mistake.

When you use scarcity properly you have the force of their FOMO (fear of missing out) working in your favor.

And, please relax traditional coaches that think scarcity is an unethical sales tactic.

You can only handle about 10 – 20 high end small business coaching clients…. so guess what.


Tell them.

Not to mention this may provide you a whole lot of confidence that you’re now lacking. You’re a superstar just the way you are… now own it!

I’ve got a beauty coming for you tomorrow, be watching and thanks to all of you emailing support of my ONE THING series.

It’s been about one million times harder than I thought it would be (I forgot to do the MATH lol) but learning a ton and the shares (I track the email shares as my barometer of success) have been mind-boggling.

So FORWARD THIS with someone you think would make a great business coach.
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Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

You don’t have a client problem.

You don’t have a money problem.

You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem.

That’s the problem.

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