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One Thing: Day 47: The “IDEAL” Coaching Client

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 47: The “IDEAL” Coaching Client  

On Friday I explained how I can pretty much get any business owner on the phone, regardless of their financial state, and cover my coaching fees, almost instantly.

So I never have to worry about whether or not they can afford to pay me.  

I control my fees.  

This is the reason we built our new software for business coaches… it’s in beta testing now and getting RAVE reviews. Making a serious positive financial impact on business coaching clients.

The software finds any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them having to spend an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.

Then spits out a detailed roadmap, step by step, on exactly what to do with the client and the financial returns that will be realized.


Here’s an updated look and more improvements and advanced features coming:

To say it’s a game-changer for a business coach looking to make multiple six figures would be an understatement and I’ll provide more info when it’s out of beta testing… 

I’m in Mexico with our top coaches and speakers for Business Coaching Mastery 5 (BCM5) which starts tomorrow…

You have to be a coach working with us to attend (why I don’t promote it publicly) and you have to be a coach working with my system to get on our stage.

No pitch zone. Add value to the business coaches or get booed off the stage.

One of my clients was the Captain of The Harlem Globetrotters for ten years and will be showing us ‘How to build a Multiple 6 figure coaching business as easily as The Globetrotters beat the Washington Generals” (I may, or may not, have helped him with that insanely cool title).

Our publicity rock star has graced Tony Robbins’ stage for Business Mastery and will be speaking on Instant Publicity… 

Mr. X of this year (every year has a different Mr. X) has worked with the WHOSE WHO OF INTERNET MARKETING and will be doing a talk on how he’s sold $250 million dollars online…

Another one of our speakers has a PhD in aeronautical engineering (thank you, spell check) and now teaches business finance for coaching clients at a level that’ll make your eyes water.

Next up… direct mail house used to do 9 million marketing pieces per month and she’s in the Dan Kennedy Marketing Hall of Fame…  she’ll provide us her marketing secrets and magic. 

My good buddy and longtime client will grace the stage and he’s sold over 25 million dollars of eyeglasses and will be showing us how he did it.

And too many more to mention including my own personal FB/IG /LI advertising Ninja! 

You’ll need to come next year to find out who these people/my clients are. These aren’t professional speakers that talk a great game… these are pure business rock stars. 

Of course, my legendary business partner Adrian Ulsh is going to ‘really back the truck up’ with his marketing prowess, as he always does.  The guy is an unstoppable business machine. 

And I may get up there and say a word or two. 

Maybe even dance? 

My talk will not be available and only those in the room get to hear my secret sauce. 

As part of my talk, apart from pushing paradigms of what’s possible and bending minds, I’m going to show everyone how to easily read coaching clients’ three most important financial statements to instantly FIND your coaching fees.

Instead of confusing everyone with terms like “abatement”, “contra-liability”, “debenture stock”, “dissolution”, “defeasance” (high five, spell check) “assets, liabilities, and equity.” 

I’ll explain balance sheets and income statements with dummy-proof language like “stuff” “stuff you still owe money on” and “stuff you own” “cancel” ”the end” “homework”. 

You know… like the English language.

An example of FOUND money is accounts receivable (English translation: The money they’ve earned, worked hard for, and should actually go and COLLECT), cough cough… 

I got the best night’s sleep of my life last night and I’m going to go tan my belly as soon as my family wakes up. I’ll throw my daughter around in the pool and of course, she’ll make me do a backflip.

Making me do a backflip when I enter the pool is her thing. 

Maybe it’s my thing? 

Our thing.

Let’s go with that. 

When you’ve got no belly button you need ’a thing’. 

Not that thing!



I love Mission Impossible and Ethan Hunt. 

I could tell you a ton about his character. What he wears, how he acts, that I wouldn’t drive in a car or most definitely not on the back of a motorcycle when someone with an accent is chasing him, words and sayings he uses consistently and even the kind of girls he likes. 

Ever noticed the bad guy in an action movie always has an accent?

It’s not a coincidence.

I could do the same for Rocky.


The Terminator:

“I’ll be BACCKK!”

The Outsiders:

“We’re gonna do it for Johnny…”

Eddie Murphy (legend!!):

“You dropped your ice cream… you dropped your ice cream…” “You can’t afford it… and his father is an alcoholic.” LOL

Who’s your favorite movie character? 

I love Meg Ryan and her role in When Harry Met Sally was epic. Sure I don’t need to describe the scene you’re now thinking of. 


Can you easily picture your favorite movie character as per above?

Your ONE THING today is STOP and do the same for your “ideal client”… and importantly can your coaching client describe their ideal client as well as they can describe Rocky’s character? 

Words and expressions your ideal client uses. 


Where they spend time.

Beer or wine. 

Football or Theatre. 

Bar or restaurant.

Beach or snow.

Degree or no degree.

Which degree? 

Are they using the degree (I’ll answer this one for you, NO).




Words they use when describing their business/situation.

Facebook or LinkedIn 



How they generate new business.


With about 94% predictability (made up stat right there – but I assure you I’m close) the answer is NO and that you haven’t ‘drilled down’.

Study your ‘ideal client’ TO POINT OF EXHAUSTION like an elite professional athlete’s pre-season workout in extreme heat.

Help your coaching client do this also…  

If you’re a newbie and don’t have the runs on the board yet…

… Don’t do what you agreed to do or what the agreement says, don’t show up enthusiastically once a week ready to go.


Those first 90 days will establish, to a large degree, the length of your coaching relationship with them.

And the number of referrals they send you from their direct network.

Don’t expect to show up once a week and perform miracles. 

Establish some future guidelines but get your hands dirty early and show your commitment to the cause (their success).

The rule of reciprocity in your favor is a wonderful thing. 

You heard it here first.

And so much for taking the day off.

That took much longer than planned and they’re awake. Sun and pool, here we come baby.

In about 7 minutes my sore back and I will be doing an incredibly average backflip to entertain my 6-year-old daughter.

In her mind, I look like Greg Louganis winning gold at the ’88 Olympics. 

She’s my “ideal client” today.

Let’s do this.  

Obsessed with your business coaching success, 

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. You don’t know this but I loaded my podcast “Business Coaching Secrets” on iTunes and everywhere else it’s supposed to go… and then I took it down.

The “intro” just wasn’t right (all testimonials used were from ppl with different accents FYI. Not an accident).

But it just didn’t work and you get ONE chance to create a first impression.

Too long with all the testimonials so I left them off.

Good news: I approved the “intro” for my upcoming podcast “Business Coaching Secrets”… It’ll be released soon and LOOK OUT!

DON’T SEARCH for the Business Coaching Secrets Podcast… I haven’t Announced its release YET!!!

Very soon.

Those that have listened to the first few when I recorded them live… ” have said the following:

“KB, Just signed up an $18,000 coaching clients using your magic closing advice on your new podcast”

“You are a force of nature, Karl Bryan!”

“I just listened to Business Coaching Secrets… Why do you give all this away for free?? What is the catch? Either way, thank you.”

“I have a team of ten coaches under me and I made them all listen to your live recording of your Business Coaching Secrets podcast. Incredible step by step instruction of filling live events with business owners. Thank you”

“Business Coaching Secrets was 50 minutes of PURE BUSINESS COACHING BOMBS! Wow” Thank you, King Karl”

“As you’d say, Anyhoo… that was the best 30 minutes I’ve spent in a long time on my coaching business. Kaboom!”

Lots more where those came from.


Stay tuned peeps and all will be unveiled soon.

Link to subscribe is here:

Missed a day? Catch up here.

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