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One Thing: Day 46: Fast Money For Coaching Clients

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 46: Fast Money For Coaching Clients 

Yesterday I gave you the percentage of business owners that hit 7-figures.

The numbers would likely have surprised you. They’ll especially surprise the coach that tells me “I only go after businesses that do $5 million or above.”

(Soup Nazi voice) ‘No scaling for you…’

I also just finished an underground three-hour LIVE training for some of my clients and got about 3 hours of sleep… am running on fumes right now.

I’ve never been the drug guy, just not my thing but I inhaled “fumes” intentionally one time.

It was dumb, I don’t remember much afterward but apparently, I had fun.

These fumes are a little less fun than the ones I can’t remember.


When coaching a client, regardless of their revenues, my goal is to ALWAYS pay my way.

Anyone worth their salt can tell you ‘a good strategy’ will eat ‘good tactics’ for breakfast. If you want do the BEST you need to understand strategy and be able to deploy.

For you and for your clients.

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Application

But what they don’t tell you is today’s ONE THING and that’s at the START of a coaching relationship your best off to create some quick wins.

  • Clients.
  • Money.
  • Results.

Therefore, at the start (first 60 days) of the coaching relationship, I would normally go super ‘tactical’ to get runs on the board… show my worth… win the clients TRUST and then I go strategic.


Go through their credit card statements to find quick easy wins (money!).

Create an upsell “do you want me to supersize that?” or cross-sell “do you want fries with that?” type offer.

Raise their prices (they haven’t in 3 years).

Create an immediate event or sale.

Analyze their client base and work out the 20% of their clients that spend 80% of the money. Pick up the phone, send emails, messages to say thank you and make an offer for being a VIP.

Too many more to mention but hopefully you get the idea.

Against broader advice… go tactical early and get some wins.

Then take a step backward to go two forward in strategy.

You heard it here first.

I’m off to Cancun this AM.

We’re taking all of our top coaches to Cancun for Business Coaching Mastery 5 (BCM5). It’s going to be EPIC and I can’t wait to see everyone.

Here is the room getting ready for our huge crew of business coaches 2019.

one thing day 46

Here is the majority of our crew from last year in Cancun at BCM4.

one thing day 46

If you worked with us you would probably be coming too!

I’m traveling so not sure if you’ll hear from me tomorrow and if you don’t enjoy your weekend… I’ll be freaking some kids out by the pool sans belly button.

Nothing to see here folks.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. I’m still getting requests from our “Speakers Needed” promotion. I sincerely apologize its SOLD OUT and spots were taken by some big names very quickly.

There will be more opportunities so please stay tuned.

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