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One Thing: Day 416: Politics. Religion. Race. Gender.

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Day  416: Politics. Religion. Race. Gender.

Yesterday I gave you 7 BIG energy ideas… specifically for those looking to achieve more later in life.

Red Bull was created by a 61-year-old and Martha Stewart made it… lost it… went to jail… then started her successful comeback at the ripe ‘ole age of 63.

The age where your memory is supposed to be fading.

Speaking of having a bad memory… 

Operator: What’s your emergency?

Man: A guy got hit by a car… I need an ambulance.

Operator: What’s your location?

Man: I’m on Eucalyptus St

Operator: Can you spell that for me?

Man: *long awkward pause*

Operator: Sir, are you there?

Man: I’m gonna drag him over to Pine St and call you right back.

In other news…

Average business owners want you to leave them alone.

Good business owners want you to coach them.

Great business owners want you to tell them the truth.



‘Groupthink Theory’

This is another mental model you should understand if you want to THINK at a higher level.

*A good idea*

A major issue I see with your coaching clients is allowing “the group they identify with” to THINK on their behalf.






Job Title…


Bezos, Winfrey, Kroc, Sanders, Dench, Freeman, Jordan, Brady, Federer, and other uber-successful people… don’t do this.

This mental model is the reason you see a controversial FB post about ‘the virus’ garner hundreds of comments.

In groupthink…

Enragement equals engagement.

If you went to your personal FB profile and posted:

“You’ll never get criticized by people doing more than you…”

You’d get plenty of comments and people agreeing.

But that statement is categorically untrue cause plenty of successful people are total jackasses.

Same with these silly phrases you’ve heard a million times and if you didn’t stop and THINK… you’d likely have agreed on autopilot:

“Money is the root of all evil.”

“Rich people have big libraries and poor people have big TV’s.”

“How you do anything is the way you do everything.”

“Go with your gut.” (GUT stands for Gave Up Thinking)

“Follow Your Passion and You’ll Be Successful”… Can I eat chocolate and potato chips and lose weight too?

If I went to my personal FB profile and posted how COVID is a scam…

I’d get a couple hundred comments.

48 hours later I could create a convincing post about how COVID is real, killed over 500,000 Americans, and is almost twice as bad as the Second World War which killed 291,557 Americans…

And get another couple hundred comments.

If you looked hard enough you’d see many would agree with both posts?!?

That’s not so bad cause maybe they changed their mind over 48 hours.

Truth is the effect of the virus is somewhere in the middle of something very dangerous and an insane overreaction.

Locking people indoors was a horrific strategy that didn’t work and did plenty of harm in many of the inner city, densely populated areas, where it was implemented.

If we did masks, social distancing, protected seniors, and no large gatherings… we could have gotten 80% of the value via 20% of the precautions.

Far less mental health issues and addiction.

I’d need to go deeper to give you my full opinions on all of this… bottom line is that I formed my own opinion via my own homework and research.

I didn’t follow what the loud and obnoxious folks on my FB feed said.


Very few STOP AND THINK to form their own opinion.

Groupthink is way easier.

Your high-end clients do the same.

Help them start to think at a higher level.


You heard it here first.

Or did you?

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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