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One Thing: Day 40: $2 Billion Vegas Win…

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 40: $2 Billion Vegas Win… 

Yesterday I was talking about disintermediation, what it means (bye bye middleman and hullo Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Amazon etc…), how many businesses are making billions off of it and also how when I finally spelled it right my spell check reached up and high fived me.

Today I want to give you an example of two Vegas shows (businesses) that appear similar but have very little in common from a business model perspective.

One was bought for $2 Billion by Cirque Du Soleil and the other one got eaten by a 400 pound confused tiger and sold for $4 less than a $4 glass of wine. 


Business models are something that I’m insanely passionate about and I’ve sold over 10 million dollars of my own businesses.

You’ve likely heard of Siegfried and Roy.

Siegfried and Roy were the biggest show in Vegas right up until Roy Horn was nearly eaten by his side kick Mantecore.

They had to take a fire extinguisher to the Tiger to get him to let go. And I’m not sure the white powder out of the extinguisher did much for Roy’s new cuts.   

Siegfried and Roy did 8 shows per week for 42 weeks of the year. On average, they brought in $35 million per year.

They’re working hard but not bad for 336 show’s and that kinda money could buy my wife a lot of shoes.

Your ONE THING is that far from The Mirage there was this lowly act at The Astor Place Theatre compromised of poor struggling artists that painted their bodies blue and weirdly called themselves ‘The Blue Man Group’.

They had 1/10th Siegfried and Roy’s talent and zero 400 pound tigers in the building.

Blue Man Group

The founders of Blue Man Group no longer perform… young artists audition and when successful they paint themselves blue, like the founders, and perform on stage. 

And ‘Blue Man Group’ have shows that simultaneously run across the world.

The founders watch TV and collect royalty cheques.

The far more talented of the two acts did 336 live shows in one year and one of them got eaten by an angry tiger.

The far less talented of the two Vegas acts sat at home and brought in over $69 million the year they were bought by Cirque du Soleil for 2 billion.

Siegfried and Roy sold for exactly zero.


Not sure about you but I’d paint myself all kinds of blue for a $2 billion dollars.

Question: Are your coaching clients building Siegfried and Roy or The Blue Man Group?

Tomorrow I’m planning a ripping ONE THING. 

My mind is mush and I can’t remember what it is… I wrote it down beside my bed when I woke up at 3am this morning but it involved business coaching client making a ton of money.

Watch for it and I’ll surprise us both.


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. You can get lucky and make it. You can’t get lucky and keep it!


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