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One Thing: Day 361: Tom Brady’s Easiest Day

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Day 361: Tom Brady’s Easiest Day

Yesterday my advice proved to be VERY popular…

I gave you my bullet-proof two-word roadmap for you to legitimately become:

A Business Coaching Legend.

Speaking of legends…

I just killed a huge spider running across the floor with my shoe.

I don’t care how big and freaky the spider is…

No one steals my shoe.

In other news….

Losers focus on winners.

Winners focus on winning.



The Easiest Day of the Rest of Your Life

I got asked on my podcast, the #1 Podcast for Business Coaches:

“If you’re so successful… why are you working so hard and not living on Easy Street?”

The person was confused as to why I might have a challenging day or feel overwhelmed at different times.

Wondering why I’d be up at 4.30 am working when “apparently, I don’t need to.”


Can you remember a star athlete that actually chose to walk away while still able to perform at their prime level?

Trust me, you don’t.

Or maybe you’ve wondered to yourself why Tom Brady just signed a 4-year contract when he has, seemingly, accomplished everything there possibly is to accomplish on a football field plus his complimentary bank account.

And the supermodel to cuddle up to each night.


Wonder why Warren Buffett still gets up early and goes to work every day?

If you plan to become successful and then stay successful…

Then plan for your life to get far more difficult as time marches on.

Plus, more enjoyable.

Today is the easiest day of the rest of your life.

When I was chosen to play for Team Canada…

The thought of playing against, the best of the best, for a World Championship made me train so hard I literally wore holes in two pairs of skates during training camp…

I got better and it was much HARDER.

I’ll never forget the free vasectomy the 250 pound 6’5” Slovakian gave me during a face-off in the Bronze medal game with 50 seconds to go.

Pretty sure he lifted me 12 inches off the ground.

*I won the face-off*

Your success will be tied to the level of resistance you experience and INVITE.

Most business owners are trying to avoid the resistance.

Like it’s a bad thing.

It’s where ALL the growth is.

Do you think Tom Brady’s season is suddenly going to be a cakewalk?

Like the 6’5”, steroid and pain killer induced, linebackers are going to take it easy on him.

INVITE pain into your life and you’ll be ten times as happy and fulfilled.

*Tom Brady approves this message*

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The same wall that ‘protects you’…. Is the same wall that STOPS you.

PPS. Marriages break up from lack of money… over lack of love X 100.

Business failures lead to destruction, addiction, depression, anxiety, suicides, and unfortunately, far more.

As good business coaches we save marriages, save families, save kids from self-destruction… we save lives!

A true life of purpose.

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