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One Thing: Day 28: EYEBALLS, value and Gary Vee

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day: 28: EYEBALLS, value and Gary Vee

Yesterday I went all tear jerker on you after spending a weekend with my buddy Steve.

Frankly, Monday was a day where I felt total overwhelm.

An emotional weekend coupled with a to do list that would cripple the average man. Joking.

But, not really.

One thing

On Friday I explained how FB, Instagram and LinkedIn built their platforms on INFORMATION. Better said would be, “capitalizing on information” by selling insanely well targeted advertising.

The second component of how they built these Multi Billion Dollar businesses is also your ONE THING today, understanding ‘the importance of EYEBALLS.’ 

There are plenty of platforms built and possibly many with better functionality than FB, IG and LI. Better mousetraps if you will.

The reason these ones do billions is that they didn’t just compile the information… they also have EYEBALLS.

It’s critical you’re consistently finding ways to get in front of your potential coaching clients and providing “value”.

Value online comes in two forms:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education

People want to be educated but they’d rather be entertained.

Therefore, you should try to do both but entertainment is critical.

Think of a live Tony Robbins event. There’s a reason he spends a few hundred thousand on lights, DJ’s and makes his event like a 4 day rock concert at Madison Square Garden.

A great strategy for a business coach, to get EYEBALLS and leverage other people’s profiles and audience and get their “value” out, is Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 strategy.

Put your ‘two cents’ in 90 times per day on other people’s posts, comments, articles etc…. And you’ll get your social media profiles working for you.

Think of how many EYEBALLS you’d have on your content if you commented on popular posts 90 times a day.

Consistency over intensity.

Tomorrow I’ll explain how to post awesome comments online and have it only take you 30 minutes per day.  

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

PS. Anyone that has done the hard work to become uber-successful will tell you… If you know what day it is you’re not busy enough.

Hopefully you don’t realize it but yesterday was Monday…. How many business owners did you reach out to on the first day of the week and how many did you help?

Carry on. 

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