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One Thing: Day 270: The Trojan Horse

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Day 270: The Trojan Horse

Last week we talked about 80 / 20 and how the real MAGIC lies in breaking it down so far that 1% represents 50%.

I also asked for a little feedback on my performance… and apparently, you like my jokes but I need to improve my grammar.

Speaking of grammar…

Dear people who type in all lowercase.

We are the difference between:

Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse


… helping your uncle jack off a horse.

You’re welcome.



‘The Story of the Trojan Horse’

You’ve likely heard this story…

Greeks were losing the war, packed up and left, leaving a large wooden horse as “a gift”.

Sensing no danger from the departed Greeks, the citizens brought the large horse into the city of Troy not realizing the horse had a small band of soldiers quiet inside.

The soldiers opened the city gates for the Greek army to enter the city and the rest is history.

Why is this relevant…?

When your high-end coaching clients are marketing themselves… they need to show up as the Trojan Horse.

Do you want a few examples?

Lunch and learn

Virtual Seminars / Webinars 

Live Seminars

Free Report

Free Book



FB Posts

FB Group

LI Posts

Vegas’s drinks aren’t really free….

Speaking of the Trojan Horse.

I’m currently running a series where:

“I Guarantee to Solve Any Business Coaching Problem on the Spot”

Here are a few comments I got last week:

‘KB you are the KING of business coaching’

‘I can’t believe you can come up with that good of an answer, that quickly’

Any Business Coach that misses this is an idiot’

‘You’re in a league of your own’

‘God Bless you Karl Bryan’

If you want to see a replay of last weeks session, it’s here:

Warning… after seeing me in action you’ll likely want to let me help you:

Build a predictable and consistent multiple 6 figure income from your coaching.

Get a steady flow of high-end coaching clients with a process you can rely on.

A world-class membership site to use as lead generation on steroids

Become an author in less than 30 days (done for you)

Train you on how to:

‘Find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them needing to spend an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’

A community of almost 1000 other business coaches to help/network with.

And so much more…

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. If you haven’t registered for my event…. your only risk is NOT REGISTERING. 

I will do a LIVE one-hour presentation for 500 business coaches where I GUARANTEE to solve any business coaching problem on the spot.

I will either solve the business coaching issues or I’ll CRASH and BURN and you get tp watch and listen. 


PPS. You have been BEGGING me for this since I mentioned it two years ago…. It’s time and it’s limited.

Only 500 seats available and I GUARANTEE it’ll sell out.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a world’s first for the business coaching profession. 


Missed a day? Catch up here.

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