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One Thing: Day 269: An Example

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 269: An Example

Yesterday I asked you to give me a little candid feedback on your perception of me.

*If you missed it and want to give me some anonymous feedback check out yesterday’s post “A Huge Favor.’*

Some of the more humorous highlights / ridiculous anonymous comments so far:

‘You’re an Idiot Republican. On Steroids as you would say.’

‘Your grammar sucks’ (ironically this guy made multiple grammatical errors)

‘You come across as someone who got beat up a lot as a kid’ (my favorite by a mile)

‘Arrogant jerk. But your emails and posts are excellent.’

‘I wish I didn’t like your content cause I feel like you’re verging on becoming a White Supremacist.’ (Huh?!?!? LOL)

‘Are you ever going to release your book on accounting?’ (Very SOON, it’s with editors)

Here’s part of an email I got yesterday:

‘Why would I do anything for you? I want to punch you in the face.’


Some enjoyable and super kind… others are kinda painful to read.

My goal isn’t to keep everyone happy.

Speaking of painful.

*The guy about to invent carbonation*

Drinking water…

Says to himself: “I wish this hurt!”



‘Example Phone Script’

Got a ton of questions the other day similar to:

‘Thx for the guide to scripts, can you give me an example of how my coaching clients would use them’.

I will do one better for you… I will create a role play.

*Assume this is a $5,000 sale or above*

Step 1

Get into a positive frame of mind…. Make sure you’re smiling and picture the person calling as naked.

*They’re overweight so stop it weirdo!*

Let the phone ring twice. Quicker than two rings can make caller feel uncomfortable and too many rings is ‘they’re not interested in me’.

Step 2

Your opening “Good morning and thanks for calling BIZ NAME, this is YOUR NAME how can I help you?

Step 3

*This step is where everyone messes up – of course they’re going immedicably ask ‘how much’… that doesn’t mean you have to tell them!!

Call my company and try to ask “how much to work with you..?”

You have ZERO chance of getting an answer without following our sales process. And if you won’t follow our sales process you likely weren’t going to buy anyway*

They will ask their first question at this step. Examples: What’s the price of XYZ?

Do you have XYZ in stock?

Rather than answer their question, say this:

“Thanks for your call… so I can point you in the right direction, do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?”

Step 4

Assuming you receive their approval (95% of the time – If you didn’t they’re not buying)… you now ask open ended questions that start with:

Why, When, How, What…

*If you ask ‘yes/no’ questions the conversation doesn’t flow*

Here are some sample questions:

What is your name (write this down / commit to memory)?

*Use their name throughout but don’t over do it*

How did you find us?

What do you plan to do with XYZ?

Have you had other quotes for XYZ?

What are you looking to achieve with XYZ?

Each question leads to you understanding, clearly, what they’re looking for and their wants / needs.

Step 5

Confirm you read their needs correctly by asking:

‘What is most critical in your search for XYZ?”

Step 6

Solve their problem (they told you what was most critical) by offering a solution.

“It appears to me and given your needs for… LIST BACK TO THEM WHAT THEY JUST SAID THEY WANTED… that a perfect solution will be our XYZ for these reasons…


Step 7

*Soft-close where you weigh their ‘buying temperature.*

‘Does that sound like what you had in mind and will XYZ fit your needs?’

Step 8

Book them in to come to see you / the salesperson or book a 2020 style video call

“That’s amazing and I look forward to meeting with you… I’ve just opened up my calendar, I’m super busy… what day / time works best for you and I’ll do my best to fit it in?”

“Perfect NAME, my schedule is like a moving target so let’s get this done now… let’s book XX time on XX day… that work for you?

Also, let me grab your mobile / cell number and email address just in case something comes up for either of us.”

*End on a high note*

“Thank you for thinking of us… and I look forward to seeing you at XX time on XX day. Enjoy the rest of your night, NAME.”

*Don’t hang up the phone before them*




You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Never make a decision when you’re HALT… Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

PPS. Yesterday I asked for some candid, anonymous, feedback. I’m inside the jar and can’t see my own label…

Please help me see my own label, will take 3 minutes.

Good / bad / ugly….

It’s part of a larger play for me to raise my game dramatically…. I’d super appreciate your feedback.

Go here to tell me what you think:


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