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One Thing: Day 267: The Script…

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Day 267: The Script…

Yesterday I was explaining the 1% of your activity that represents 50% of your results. Hard to find that 1% but when you do… it’s magic.

Speaking of activities…

Whenever I get asked to do something I don’t want to do, I just answer “in a pandemic?”

Working well so far.




I’ve made millions of dollars in ‘coaching sales’ and I can tell you that the ability to create and follow a script…

… which was not easy for me, is up there with the most profitable undertakings of all time.

One of the first scripts we teach/provide our business coaches is…

“I can find any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.”

And of course, we train them on our bulletproof process to fulfill it.

Prior to writing a script for someone answering the phone, collecting money or a sales call… you need to create a BIG PICTURE first… and then get granular with stuff like ‘the right word to use’.

Big Picture

Here are 5 Steps to create that BIG PICTURE for a successful script with your coaching clients:

1. The goal…

What is the end goal of the conversation? To get a credit card for past payment, set a sales appointment, close a deal, etc…

2. Targeted prospects…

You don’t want your high end coaching clients speaking to just anyone… you want them speaking to people that are interested in their business, products, and services.

3. Process…

What is step 2 (the next logical step) that we’re trying to achieve? Do you expect them to get a credit card on the spot or is the plan to set an appointment?

Your sales team will likely not close a high-end order in one call and it’s important you’re not taking more than a couple of calls to close low-end sales.

4. Scarcity…

Most mess this one up completely and wonder why they’re not making any coaching sales when the other guy / gal is.

People can be hopeless when it comes time to buy… You need to come up with an ethical way to get them to act NOW. Limited time, limited offer, limited supply etc…

Example: As a coach, you have a limited number of coaching spots (let’s assume 15)… TELL THE PROSPECT you only have 15 spots.. instant scarcity.


What’s In It For Me? The wording of the script needs to be focused on the client or prospect.

If your script has “I” or “we” throughout… It’s boring and will fail the Acid Test.

Hard to bore someone into handing over a credit card. It needs to read like… “It appears YOU need our product/service and here are the benefits YOU will enjoy as well as YOUR family…”

A successful script is based on a successful matching process.

If you’re talking to the wrong person about the wrong thing… it will not work with an elite salesperson.

If you’re talking to the right person about the right thing… it’ll work with an amateur salesperson.

Give thought to the BIG PICTURE first…

“If we advertise or market this… will the ideal client respond and want to hear more when we speak to them?”

In closing…

Don’t speak to people “cause you need clients.”

Speak to people “cause you have something valuable that solves a problem for them.”

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The obedient think of themselves as virtuous… rather than cowardly.

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