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One Thing: Day 266: Gasoline. Pee. Wins

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Day 266: Gasoline. Pee. Wins.

Last week I finished up telling you about the event I’m doing this Tuesday (tomorrow) where:

“I Guarantee To Solve Any Business Coaching Problem on the Spot”…

I’ll either CRASH and BURN or solve your most pressing issues.

I also got a ton of abuse over an email where I explained ‘Someone Keeps Shaking the Damn Jar…’

Apparently, that email allows people to predict my political persuasion?

Is there a party that simply stands for “hating old school politicians”?

Sign me up.

Speaking of predictions…

I hired a lot of people 5 years ago while I was growing my coaching business.

Not one person I interviewed in 2015 got the answer right to:

“So, Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years Time?”



’The 80 / 20 Rule’ (Pareto Principle)

I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but if you’re 98% of the public… you’re not using it well.

What you need to do is turn 80 / 20 into a Mental Model…or an automatic procedure you run your decisions through.

The Pareto principle states there’s an imbalance between input and output in pretty much anything you do.

It’s not you, them, or me…

80 / 20 is a Universal Principal.

The vast majority of effort will have little bearing on results… while a small amount of your effort will create the majority of impact.

Worded differently you and your high-end coaching client’s results will come from a remarkably small amount of activity.

What’s the solution I hear you ask?

I’ll Give You My 5 Steps:

  1. Adopt 80 / 20 as a mental model you run your mind through consistently (does this task fall into the ‘80’ or the ‘20’?)
  2. Identify the most productive 20% and hyper-focus on those activities. 
  3. *Once you’ve identified the 20% (sounds much easier than it is) …. put a magnifying glass over the 20%… Identify the 20% within the 20%… then the 20% within that 20% then the 20% within that 20% again.
  4. You’ll subsequently find 1% of your input… will provide 50% of your output. *The magic lies in identifying the 1% activity.
  5. Find ways to improve the 80% that are less productive.

I want to emphasize #4… it states that 1% of activity represents 50% of the result.

Do you and your high-end coaching clients have the patience and focus to find the 20%…. and then pour gasoline on the results by finding the magical 1%?

Tim Ferriss has a pretty famous example where he used to do sales calls at 8 – 9 am then again at 4– 5 pm when the gatekeeper wasn’t there.

He outsold the guys/gals who were putting in 50 hour weeks calling mostly between 9 am and 4 pm.

Focus on pouring gasoline the 20%…

Not eliminating the 80%.

Some shortcuts I’ve identified for you over the years:

  • Take notice of and expand exceptional performance rather than trying to increase the overall average.
  • Achieve excellence in a few things rather than becoming capable in a number of areas
  • Outsource projects classified as ‘non-productive’ so you can focus on critical output tasks.
  • Do things you are good at and outsource things you do not
  • Become hyper-aware of 80 / 20 tendencies
  • Finding the magical 1% is VERY difficult… but VERY rewarding

You’ve probably heard of Michael Jordan referring to ‘the zone’.

Felt like he couldn’t miss for short periods of time.

You have the exact same in your workweek…

Take advantage of those KEY MOMENTS where everything you touch turns into opportunity/money.

If you’re a speaker… an example of this will be right after you walk off stage.

Hopefully taking a pee can wait just a little longer.

If you’re a salesperson rather than ‘enjoy the sale’ or counting your money for 30 minutes after closing a new deal… get on the phone with another prospect while you’re hot.

Poker players go “on runs”.

If you’re crazy enough to write a daily email… NEVER stop halfway through and assume you’ll pick it where you left off later.

Takes 3 times as long to write an inferior email.

You heard it here first.

*Here’s an opportunity for the first 500 business coaches that ACT.

By Popular Demand… Coaches have practically BEGGED me to see this in action.

I’m bringing back my:

“I’ll Solve Any Business Coaching Problem on the Spot” presentation… I’ll do it live for an audience of 500 business coaches.

I’ll take on any business coaching issues with a live online audience to watch and judge.

I’ll either solve the most pressing issues or I’ll, CRASH and BURN, and everyone to see?!?

I only have 500 lines and I GUARANTEE it’ll be sold out just like last week.

Don’t expect me to agree with everything that gets said.

No question. No comment. No topic will be off-limits.


Tell your friends.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. As per above your only risk is NOT REGISTERING.

I will do a LIVE one-hour presentation for 500 business coaches where I GUARANTEE to solve any business coaching problem on the spot.

I will either solve the business coaching issues or I’ll CRASH and BURN and you get to watch and listen.


PPS. You have been BEGGING me for this since I mentioned it two years ago…. It’s time and its limited.

Only 500 seats available and I GUARANTEE it’ll sell out.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a world’s first for the business coaching profession.


Missed a day? Catch up here.

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