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One Thing: Day 259: Trump / Biden Debate

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Day 259: Trump / Biden Debate

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Yesterday I was explaining Throughput and the importance of it.

It’s not all “lead generation” so please stop it.

Speaking of stopping it…

You often feel tired.

It’s not because you’ve done so much…. It’s because you‘ve done so little of what matters to you.

Like me, you’ve also survived a thousand tragedies…

Most of which never happened.



‘Public Speaking Advice’

OK, so I got about 7,000 emails and messages about the debate. Some asking my opinion and others upset I didn’t comment on it.

One subscriber told me that my Mother in Law would be bitterly disappointed in me for not getting myself into trouble HAHAHA.

The debate reminded me of the ‘80’s WWF with Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage and Hulk Hogan going at it.

Not the best look.

I used to do a live marketing event where:

“I Guaranteed to Solve Any Marketing Problem on The Spot.”

Got challenged more than once by a live audience, staring intently, watching my every move for weakness.

Here’s what I would provide as speaking/debating advice to the two gents from Tuesday night… and this is similar to what I’d give you if you’re getting interviewed or debating on live video.

1. Speak to the camera and the MILLIONS watching (or the crowd at a live event)… that’s your audience.

Do not speak to your opponent or the moderator.

2. Ask your opponent YES / NO questions to corner them… stopping them from dancing around the answer.

3. Stand straight with good posture and don’t lean.

4. Smile to the camera (crowd) and try your best to look relaxed.

5. Hit opponents’ weak spots early (get them off their game and off their strategy) and then at the end of the debate (see point 12).

6. When the opponent is talking smile and shake your head side to side (as in shake your head ‘no’, in a relaxed manner, as they speak) when you disagree.

7. Standing against has more power than ‘standing for’.

8. Educate your audience… everyone loves the educator.

9. Avoid filler words.

10. Speaking over the other person gives the perception your argument is not very strong.

11. Actually agree with something the other says… it will give more credibility to what you disagree on. “I agree with your stance on XYZ however what you failed to consider on behalf of the American people is…”

12. Last out, first remembered.

Hit your IDEAL topics and hard talking points at the end. Your audience pretty much forget the beginning and remember the ending.

Most coaches like to sing Kumbaya and avoid confrontation at all costs cause that’s their personality.

Tony Robbins launched his career when he publicly challenged a psychiatrist who didn’t think he could overcome a woman’s 10-year snake phobia with a live audience present.

A room that fit hundreds ended up drawing thousands as a result of all the controversy.

What do you stand against and publicly challenge?

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You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

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