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One Thing: Day 237: Communism, Just Add Water

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Day 237: Communism, Just Add Water

Yesterday I explained how Amazon manages to pay $0 tax on $13 Billion dollars of revenue and ended up with a $129 Million dollar tax rebate (refund).

Speaking of things that don’t make sense…

I don’t understand how this virus got so bad when there are so many middle-aged women with healing crystals.




‘You Don’t Vote for Communism… You Slowly Ask For It’

Yesterday I planted a seed about giving away all our rights rather than FIGHTING FOR THEM.

Driving alone in your car with a mask… is mindboggling ridiculous.

No, we won’t accept communism outright.

We’ll just keep asking for small doses until we wake up and see that we’re living in a communist society.

They won’t need to fight us…

We’ll fight each other.

They won’t need to divide us…

We’ll divide ourselves.


  • Cancel Culture.
  • Call-Out Culture.
  • Victim Culture.

Sound familiar?

They’ll attempt to weaken the economy over time so badly that we’ll start asking for more control (free money) and less freedom.

Democracy ceases to exist when they successfully take away from those willing to work and give to those who are not.

Vodka, anyone?

In Western society, we are literally asking to have our freedoms taken away right now.

Here’s How They Do It…

  • Poverty: Poor people are easier to control.
  • Debt: Increase debt to unsustainable level so they can increase taxes to diminish the drive to work hard.
  • Religion: Remove the belief in God or a higher power in schools and government.

Class Warfare: Divide the people into wealthy and poor… eliminating the middle class.

To the puppet masters…

Division equals dollars.

We’re in some scary times right now and we need more leaders and not more followers.

Being a leader doesn’t mean calling this all a hoax and pretending its not real etc…

It DOES MEAN being able to see the entire playing field and educating those around you who are unable to do so.

Don’t shame them.

Don’t belittle them.

Don’t make fun of them.

Don’t be a jackarse.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. ~ WB Yeats

You heard it here first.


Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. 1950: I bet we’ll have flying cars in 40 years

2020: Those candies are racist.

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