The words charming, rustic and secluded inspire action in vacation rental bookers. They make us want to hit the Reserve Now button in a hurry. To find the perfect rental, look past romanticized marketing and get clear on what is important to you. Also as a fun fact to have in mind is that an increasing number of vacation rental owners are turning to home automation and smart home technology to upgrade their businesses. And it’s no surprise, given the long list of benefits it can bring. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable smart home technologies and the benefits of automation for your vacation rental from the top rated professional installers for home automation atlanta.

Trust me, I’ve made some mistakes. One was a “rustic cottage” in a Spanish hill town that I had romanticized beyond all comprehension. I had been blinded by a photo of a sweet little porch on which I pictured my husband and me sitting, looking out over the quaint town at sunset, sipping a glass of sherry and eating tapas, that is why I now try searching for a house in Montreal.

Upon arrival, we took one look at the little wooden structure, primitive furniture, the less-than-sturdy front door lock, and ran for our lives. That was in the early stages of booking through the internet rather than through a trusted travel agency.

I made another mistake when I was looking for a place in Marseille near the old port, and the choices were few. I opted for a place that had a “retro” feel but a perfect location. The location was indeed ideal, but I felt like I was in a college dorm room with mismatched sheets and towels from Mom. The bathroom had shockingly thin walls that amplified every little sound throughout the apartment.

Location, Location, Location
No matter what the listing says, “close to everything” is not good enough. Find out what it is close to and if that is indeed what you want to be close to (beach, town centre, etc). Quiet countryside life or near all the sites? Can you walk to the village or must you always pile in the car, even to go to the corner to get some more coffee for the morning?

For this, Google Earth is my best friend. Once I can estimate the address, I go to “Street view” and put myself right there. I look up and down the road. I move my little yellow person around. If I see a biker bar or a nightclub next door, I know this is not the place for me. The front of a building may look fabulous, but if you back out to a wider view and see that it there is not a cafe or store in sight, or you are near the freeway, once again, time to keep looking.

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