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One Thing: Day 228: Botox. Tinder. Google.

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Day 228: Botox. Tinder. Google.

Last week I gave you a 30-day increased energy challenge and finished off explaining the power of endorsements. 

The start of a week can bring on anxiety for some…

And for those of you following through with the 30 days increased energy challenge possibly more than usual with fear of letting yourself down.

Here’s what I do when I get stressed.

Breathe in for 7 seconds.

Hold for 7 seconds.

Breath out for 7 seconds.

STOP what you’re doing and do it with me now 5 times… see what happens.







That head rush is your brain saying… Thank You.



‘Seek Problems’

If I had a dollar for every time the business-related ‘do you think this is a good idea?’ question was asked, I’d have a stack of bills that could fill a room.

Problem is, presuming your goal is to help people build successful businesses, it’s the wrong process.

You need to change your Spidey senses, and your high coaching clients Spidey senses, to seeking out PROBLEMS.

Bigger the problem and the more people that have that same problem…

The easier it’ll be to market and the bigger the company’s potential.

Can’t find what you’re looking for online?

Enter: Google

Frustrated that you’re starting to look older than you’d like?

Enter: Botox 

You only like 2 songs but they want you to buy the entire album and navigate through the songs you don’t like each time.

Enter: Itunes.

You’re looking for a date but don’t feel like hanging out at the local bar Monday to Sunday and like the idea of window shopping for a date?

Enter: Tinder

Sick of ridiculous late fees and want to just rent movies from home?

Enter: Netflix

“Are you looking for a consistent flow of high-end coaching clients that can afford you and that stay long term because you have software and online coaching pre-built to facilitate the entire relationship?”

Enter: What my company offers for business coaches.  

When helping your clients find these ‘problems’ reach beyond existing demand.

Run through what the client does before, during, and after they buy your clients product / service.

No one has ever done this better than Amazon.

To reach beyond existing demand, consider prospects before clients… ‘what is common’ before ‘what is different’ and de-segmentation before thinking ‘further segmentation’.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Being a Dad is mostly about being grumpy and knowing things.

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It’ll teach you ‘How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’

Imagine finding your annual $12,000 to $50,000 coaching fees BEFORE you started coaching your new clients?!  And a proven coaching system created for you to follow with your new coaching client. 

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