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One Thing: Day 205: Money, Dancing, Weight, Cooking

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Day 205: Money, Dancing, Weight, Cooking

Yesterday I was explaining how your potential is literally LIMITLESS. And the Pandemic is not a reason why you can’t achieve all you currently dream.

Microsoft, Apple, Disneyland, Uber, and many of the most successful companies of our lifetime were created during down economic times.

Bottom line, the clearer your goals are… the quicker you’ll feel like a million bucks and start achieving them.

Unfortunately, the elevator to success is currently out of service due to the Government Mandated Quarantine.

But the stairs are always open.


I got a lot of replies yesterday around goal setting… therefore your


‘Five Goal-Setting HACKS’

Here are five hacks I use to accomplish my goals in record time.


When I want to get in shape I book myself into a competition (Running Race, Tough Mudder, Hockey Tournament etc..).. this accelerates everything.

If you want to do a live business event… book the venue and PAY. 

If you want to lose weight… book a into a low key running race 90 days from now.

If you want look like a body builder… enter a body building competition.

If you want to learn to cook… find, start, and pay for cooking lessons.  

Hack 2:

I just finished another 4-day fast…

Rather than make an elaborate plan I did the same as I did last time… I wrote a list of reasons WHY I wanted to complete 4 days on just water.

When I got hungry, disenchanted, or considered quitting…

I looked at my reasons WHY (mental toughness, be a good role model for my kids, my long-term health, dancing at my 7-year-old daughter’s wedding one day etc..) and easily continued.

If you want to accomplish an impressive goal create your list of REASONS WHY you need to accomplish it.

When you get frustrated… look at your list.

*If I knew I needed to do some cold outreach… I’d create my list of reasons why to get me started and help me continue when I got disenchanted and considered quitting.

Hack 3:

Change your phone password to your goal.

If income is a driver for you… set a monthly income goal and change your phone password to it.

Let’s assume your monthly goal is $15,000.

Your new phone password becomes 15000.

If you’re like me and you (sadly) unlock your phone 50 times…. I, therefore, reinforce my goal 50 times per day.

Works amazing!

When I was trying to work out the process for finding any business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending a dollar on marketing or advertising…

My password was 100000.

My current password is “2256” for CALM.

That’s my current goal.

Please don’t tell my wife my password.


Hack 4:

Get a clean sheet of paper and write one goal, over and over, until you can no longer see any white on the paper.

As in about 1000 times in a row.

Works magic!  

Hack 5:

I go for a walk… and I say my goal out loud and in a rather animated fashion. Ideally not in a busy area for obvious reasons.

Here is the EXACT script I use:

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct me to do whatever it takes to ENTER YOUR GOAL AND DATE TO ACHIEVE. Starting now.”

I say that to myself over and over and over again as I walk.

The above hacks have made me millions of dollars…

They might do the same for you.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. This is straight from my Dad’s high school football team the Lawrence Park Panthers… “A winner never quits… and a quitter never wins.”

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It’ll teach you ‘How to find any small business owner $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.’

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