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One Thing: Day 200: The Cornerstone Of Life

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Day 200: The Cornerstone Of Life

Yesterday I was explaining how “Things divide rather than converge in order to survive.”

You’d be doing well by helping your high-end coaching clients understand that statement.

Stay focused.

For an early Father’s Day present to myself, I jumped in the pool with my phone on Saturday.

Therefore spent the bulk of my Father’s Day at the store buying and setting up a new one.


Reminded me to not worry about ‘counting the days’…  but to make sure I ‘make my days count!’

I’m guilty of working far too hard and there’s an important lesson there for me.

Maybe, you too?



“The Cornerstone of Life”

That’s kinda dramatic.

But 100% truthful.

If you look to the root of modern Economics… you’ll find one word:


Economics is the study of how people get what they want or need… and especially when other people want and need the same thing.

Who would have thought all the pretty girls in high school secretly wanting to date ‘The Bad Boy’ would have landed me at the heart of Economics?

I didn’t see that one coming.

Understanding incentives is the secret sauce to solving any question you have around any behavior or event.

Incentives will get people to act in your favor VS against you.

This was ingrained in us since our early childhood both positively and negatively.

Clean your room – get words of affirmation.

Do the dishes – get an allowance.

Get good grades – get the new bike.

Don’t clean your room – get grounded.

Don’t get good grades – miss hockey practice (cough, cough)

Get good grades in high school – get into a good college.

Get good grades in College – make lots of money (OK this one was a JOKE)

Do well at work – get promoted / public recognition.

Do poor work – get reprimanded/fired.

Become an elite hockey player – get attention from girls that didn’t recognize you prior.

In China, they introduced a one child per family law.

The black market swelled with abortions because people didn’t want females. They wanted boys to carry on the family name (incentive) and to work.

If that didn’t make you throw up in your mouth…

Also in China, in the past, if you hit a pedestrian and you didn’t have insurance you were required to pay their medical bills for life.

People would reverse back over to ensure the person died.

The negative ‘incentive’ of medical bills for life was enough to make you do the most heinous act.

*Google it if you don’t believe me.

Guessing you get the idea of how powerful ‘INCENTIVES’ are.

Next time you start a webinar and they say “Stay till the end and I’ve got something for you”…

Or “If you buy today here’s the bonus you’ll get…”

You’ll know what’s happening.

And it works.

Start using and THINKING incentives immediately.

Get better at it over time

Help your high-end coaching clients do the same.

Well… only if you want “The Cornerstone of Life” working in your favor.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. A person with confidence gains the confidence of others.

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