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One Thing: Day 187: The Enemy?

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 187: The Enemy?

OK, I set myself up for that one… I may need an angry-looking 6’7” ex bodybuilder to act as security for my inbox.

Should I have used George Floyd as a headline?

Maybe not.

If I did use George Floyd as a headline should I have written more about it?


When I write a daily post and mention current events… am I going to make some mistakes?


Does my heart ache for George Floyd and his family?


I’ve got many thoughts on the topic but from my vantage point of ‘Looking at the Entire Playing Field’…

I choose to say this:

“We are not each other’s enemies.

Find the people behind the curtain pulling everyone’s puppet strings while dividing us by race, color, age, religion, and income.

That’s your enemy.”



“A Business Brand”

This feels like the logical extension from yesterday of talking ‘Personal Brand’.

When having a long-term relationship with your coaching clients…. You’ll need to help them build a well-respected brand over time.

The true meaning of a ‘Business Brand’ has gotten lost and confused over the years with logos, catchphrases, and product extensions.

In my opinion, a good business brand has three things:

  • Awareness: The way in which the client views the business.
  • Relationship: Between the client and the business.
  • Values: What the client can clearly grasp the business represents.

Perception IS reality.

If I were to define what I think a business brand is… I’d define it as:

“The emotion that exists in the mind of the client or prospective client that would describe the experience of doing business with an organization and its products/services. Importantly the brand is enhanced when the client feels expectations have been exceeded.”

If you want to help your high-end coaching clients build a strong business brand, their brand must:

  • Have Emotional Relevance: The business must solve a problem as a starting point but if a client doesn’t relate on an emotional level the brand will have very little power. *Nike clients are emotionally invested. 
  • Be Distinctive: A strong brand stands for something worthwhile. *Toms Shoes provides a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that you buy.
  • Be Consistent: The quickest way to diminish your brand is to be inconsistent. A business only gets credit, in the mind of its clients, for what it does consistently. *McDonalds food is terrible but the experience is insanely consistent across the Globe.

The result of the three of these coming together is:

‘Brand Integrity.’

Help your clients achieve this and they’ll never let you leave.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. People are as happy as they want to be.

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