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ONE THING: Day 18: Tennis and Crying During So You Think You Can Dance

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It’s Day 18: Tennis and Crying During So You Think You Can Dance

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On Saturday 19-year-old Canadian, Bianca Andreescu was competing in her very first US Open.

This year the teenager beat 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams.

Serena played incredible all week and looked unstoppable.

On paper the young Canadian had almost no chance and many were just hoping the nerves didn’t finally take over and that she at least put up a fight in front of the big crowd.

I had tears in my eyes when it ended and she’d won.

Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Michael Jordan hits ‘the shot’ and you find yourself getting teary.

Mary Lou Retton gets a perfect score in the Olympics and you’re overcome with emotion.

You watch American Idol, OK so no one actually watches that anymore, and a great performance, out of the blue, starts the waterworks and you immediately look for light to stop the embarrassing tears.

So You Think You Can Dance strangely got me teary-eyed a few times.

And I can’t even dance.

The reason is that you see a little of yourself in the individual and their performance.

Now that I think of it… last week I told you I look great in women’s underpants and now to tell you I got teary-eyed during a dancing show and identify with a 19-year-old female tennis player in a purple short skirt is a tad weird and maybe not something I should be admitting to you?

My Dad reads these and is going to wonder what the hell is going on.

Double anyhoo…

Today’s ONE THING is to never be overly judgmental and not to assume anything.

My Dad told me when I was younger about selling advertising… never assume why they won’t buy. They’ll often surprise you, if you have the guts to, ask for the order.

Holy smokes was he right.

In ’69 The Jets couldn’t lose to the Colts.

The Russians couldn’t lose to Team USA in Lake Placid.

Buster Douglas couldn’t lose to Mike Tyson.

The Patriots couldn’t lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady upset Warner and ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’

And a zillion other sporting examples like these.

Let me give you an example from today… Millennials get a rough ride for being entitled and out of touch with reality.

Baby Boomer: “Millennials have no clue and just don’t get how the world works!”

Also Baby Boomer: “Tonight at midnight, Facebook will take ownership of all my photos unless I copy and paste this text as my FB status.”

Ummm….. Narwhal say what..??

An example is something I’ve done many times in my coaching career… These inner conversations might sound familiar to you:

“This business owner totally has their act together… they don’t want my coaching. If anything, they should probably be coaching me!?”

“This guy/gal has no money so won’t buy my coaching, why would I even bother asking!”

“I’m not familiar with this industry… how can I possibly help this person?”

And so many more similar conversations with myself to stay out of my power.

Then it just “clicked”, I stepped into MY POWER for no particular reason at all… it was simply just a decision I made.

I’ve sold high-end coaching to people that earned 10 X the money I was earning. And KILLED IT… to the point they paid me for multiple years and referred me to almost every business owner they knew.

And I also remember selling a $10,000 coaching program to a gal that had gross revenues of $6,000 the entire previous year.

They all need our help and accountability.

Belichick can’t play football better than Tom Brady and Tom needs Bill just as much as the other way around.

And I can’t believe they signed Antonio Brown…. !!! LOL

I don’t need to be a fan of the team to be a HUGE fan of the organization and the culture they built.

Full respect.

Stop assuming and judging.

Just ask for the order.

Obsessed with your coaching success,

King Karl

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