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One Thing: Day 174: Maximum Output

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Day 174: Maximum Output

Last week I got congratulated for coming out as a crossdresser and when I laughed about it I was accused of being homophobic.

Hard to win if you think about it.

Also covered how to turn cold prospects into high end coaching clients, how to structure your contingency agreements, and why you never want to calculate your contingency bonus off your client’s profit.  

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

I didn’t want my wife to have to do the dishes… so we just piled them up so she can get to them when it’s over.

I think in response she had a grand idea that we do a crossword puzzle while sitting down.

You don’t know how old you are until you try to get up off the floor.



“Your Input Doesn’t Necessarily Equal Your Output.”

Output = Your Activity

Input = Your Return

Common advice is ‘The more you give… the more you will receive.’

Which is true.

However… not all of your activity will come back in the same proportion.

I was a DJ for a short time after high school.

One 3 minute song got crickets… but a different song got the whole room up dancing and singing.  

If you were to use a straight calculation… try for activities (output) that’ll get you a 10X or greater long-term return (input).

$1000 of advertising turns into $1,100 of revenue.

A 10% return on your ad spend.

The same $1,000 of advertising can be used to get $10,000 of long term revenue.

A 10X return on your money.

You can help a coaching client for $2,000 per month.

Or you can help a B2B business owner (an accountant as an example) with a client list of a few hundred of your ideal clients.

The accountant sends you 10 referrals and you’ve got a 10X return over a regular 2k per month coaching client.

And of course, it doesn’t need to be financial.

You can have a glass of sugary coffee or a glass of green smoothie.  

I dare say a 10X return on your health.  

You can watch Netflix for an hour… or you can watch an hour-long YouTube video and learn a valuable skill.

And the BIG ONE and the inspiration behind this post…

You can spend an hour on social media mindlessly scrolling and getting into political debates.

Or you can spend an hour educating yourself with an excellent book, audio, or video.

Think of the above as 80 / 20 on steroids.

Start strategically managing your output and always try for a 10X return.  

You heard it here first.

Holy smokes it’s 1 am and I have a 5 am start tomorrow might be a long day LOL

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

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