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ONE THING: Day 16: $60 Million and Budweiser, Jim Beam, Canadian Club

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Day 16: $60 Million and Budweiser, Jim Beam, Canadian Club

Yesterday I was talking about how if I owned a pizza shop… I‘d create and sell a $100 pizza and encourage them to try eat it all in the shop… and if they did I’d provide a second pizza at no charge.

The energy / entertainment factor would be magic and also the social media posts worth their weight in gold.

Plus I included some real estate tips that can easily make you disproportioned (in a good way) returns in any city on the planet.

Help the local school become the BEST SCHOOL IN THE CITY (maybe it’s the best sporting school in the city. Or the best high school for teaching business etc…) and the price of your house will increase.

If nothing else your neighbors will thank you.


Todays ONE THING is an effective loss leader by one of the greats.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a force of nature and took his family liquor store from 3 million to 60 million in annual sales.

Not bad.

His primary advertising strategy was to advertise Budweiser, Jim Beam, Canadian Club (I had to…) and other top sellers… and he promoted them for below cost.

As in LOST money.

Customers would walk in for the discounted offers and “storytelling” would take over. As in, he had salespeople working the floor of his liquor store and he was the number one sales guy.

He’d encourage (it’s all storytelling) the Budweiser guy to also try a craft brew that’s similar but far superior for a list of mouthwatering reasons.

And also why not bring home a bottle of red for his wife….and tell him a story about some killer wine they just got in and that other wives are raving about it.

Sure you worked it out already… but the ones they were “storytelling” about and recommending were the boutique labels with HIGH MARGINS. Easily made up for the small loses on Budweiser.

They did the MATH and it well and truly worked.

Let’s get super crazy…

You could advertise as “The only business coach in town that operates on 7% of your clients additional revenues”

Then tell a powerful and influential story to lock in your retainer also.


Whose idea was this to do a daily email and to start each one at about 11pm??


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Obsessed with your business coaching success,

King Karl

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