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One Thing: Day 125: 78% Failure Rate

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Last week I talked about my 4 alarms that go off as “quarter time” to keep me cranking all day.

How I easily fill live events with small business owners and some beauty advice I got from multi-billionaire Charlie Munger for you on being ‘immediately available’.

I recently learned that a very popular mattress company with innovative marketing catapulted its owner to ‘billionaire’ status.

Made me think… Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale?


Today’s ONE THING Is That:

“78% of businesses fail within 36 months of starting.”

OK, so you’re thinking “Gee KK… that’s not very exciting cause I’ve heard similar many times before.”

Here’s what I think is a little more exciting for you.

But you need to go deeper.

Here’s The Kind Of Thing You’ll Hear Often:

“Business owners no longer attend live events.”

“Business owners don’t pay attention to ads”

“Business owners no longer attend webinars.”

“Business owners no longer… FILL IN THE BLANK”

If 78% fail then every three years… then you’re consistently speaking, selling and marketing to a TOTALLY different audience.

It’s ridiculous to generalize that they no longer do something ‘cause everything is new to most of them… most of the time. 

It would be like the billionaire mattress guy saying ‘everyone already has a mattress’ or ‘they’ve already heard about a sale on mattresses.’

Apparently he’d be wrong.

Get out of your own way and become ‘easily available’, Charlie Munger style, to the local business owners.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Say “Beer Can” with your best British accent.  

I just taught you how to say “Bacon” with a Jamaican accent.

You’re welcome.

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