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ONE THING: Day 12: New Jedi Mind Tricks

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 12: New Jedi Mind Tricks

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekends.

On Friday we were talking social proof as your ONE THING and how the majority mess it up by acting proud of an empty schedule and bring available “any time”.


The best example of social proof is McDonalds putting ‘Over One Billion Served’ on their sign.

I’ve got over 700 business coaches in 24 countries that work with me and use my online tools and internet lead generation (my version of the ‘App Store’) system.

It’s become a business coaching community and all the coaches help and then push one another to six figure and multiple six figure success.

In other words, and in the words of my idol Ron Burgundy…

“I’m kind of a big deal.”

A short, fat one with a big nose and poor math skills… but kind of a Big Deal nonetheless :o)

Today I’m going to talk Jedi Mind Tricks and why most would rather lower their prices rather than use ‘slimly sales tactics’ that re proven like “adding value” and talking “scarcity” or “social proof”.

I love the sensation of falling.

When I was 20 years oId I worked on Magnetic Island in Australia. My job title was “Entertainments Manager” and as part of the role I took young travelers out cliff jumping.

Hullo European beauties that feel the top of a bikini is an unnecessary extra. From my 20 year old self, Bless You.

I’m not a great swimmer so it made for some interesting moments when someone wouldn’t jump and I’d have to wade in the water for about an hour encouraging them they’d be OK, it was safe and I’d be there waiting for them.

The conversation in my head was “hurry the hell up… I’m on minimum wage down here, craving a beer and might drowned shortly!

And… is that a shark nibbling on my feet or am I just hallucinating cause I’m so cold, scared and tired?”

Pretty much everyone craps their pants and then after they hit the water “OMG that was amazing! Do we have time for me to go again…? I was too scared to enjoy it the first time.”

I’ll never forget 210 pound “Mad Dog” with the body of Adonis was embarrassingly the last man standing and wouldn’t jump… all the girls that had already gone were yelling “Jump Mad Dog, Jump. You can do it”


I’m sucking back water wondering what the hell he’s waiting for.

After he finally jumped and came up… I immediately changed his nickname from Mad Dog to something else.


Here’s a conversation that happens with reasonable regularity in some form or another.

Coach That Desperately Wants to Be Successful: “I know you have a bullet-proof program for filling live events with small business owners and pre-created landing pages, count down timers, word for word scripts plus power points created…

But I’m terrified of public speaking.”

KK: “OK, when is your event scheduled for? Video it, send it in and we’ll critique it for you.”

Coach That Desperately Wants to Be Successful: I don’t have an event booked… just the thought of speaking in public gives me anxiety.

KK: “So, it’s not the speaking that scares you. It’s the THOUGHT of speaking that scares you?”

Then they finally follow the program, fill the event, do the live event and say with 99% consistency…

“Oh my gosh, it was so great and what a rush. Not sure what I was so scared of… BTW I got 2 coaching clients, three follow ups and can you help me fill my next event also? I was too scared to really enjoy this one.”

Only difference is I didn’t need to wade in the ocean while earning minimum wage and terrified of becoming lunch.

When you’re in your head… that is not God talking.

You’re behind enemy lines.

Stop thinking and just start DOING.

Business owners are HURTING and need some help, direction and accountability.

Your ONE THING is: Ready, fire, aim.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
King Karl

PS The ones that didn’t jump off the cliff always expressed regret. The same with coaches that don’t follow my live event program for filling the room with small business folk.

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