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One Thing: Day 113: #RIP Kobe Bryant

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Day 113: #RIP Kobe Bryant  

Last week I was talking about my studies on billionaires and some of the coolest things I’ve learned from them.

Kobe Bryant was hitting the business world with reckless abandon and I have zero doubt he would have followed Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and achieved elusive Billion Dollar status.

I’m sure you’ve heard that he and his daughter died yesterday in a tragic helicopter crash.

His work ethic was simply incredible.  

An old high school girlfriend of mine also passed away on the weekend from cancer… as well as a big 6’5” hockey buddy last week succumbed to a heart attack.  

Enjoy life… you just never know what’s around the corner.

Rather than a customary Anyhoo… in memory of my friends and the late Bryants.


May they all rest in peace.  

They say the show must go on and no one would agree with that more than the legendary Kobe Bryant.

Internet marketers

Speaking of enjoying life… I spent last week with a lot of heavyweight internet marketers.

Lots of the big boys that you would have heard of hob-nobbing around and more 9 figure internet knowledge in these private rooms than you could shake a stick at.

I market heavily and successfully on the internet but these guys leave me for dead when it comes to driving traffic online.

But I did get pulled to the front of the room or into a private conversation on ‘business building’ and ‘business model’ advice with regularity.  

The ‘superstar internet marketers’ will remain nameless but here’s the dialogue of a private conversation I had multiple times.  

Me: How’s it going / how can I help?

Superstar Internet Marketer:  I’m curious what your thoughts are on this.

My original business was doing amazing for about 5 years.  I wouldn’t call it ‘in trouble’ but it’s declining most months and getting progressively more competitive.

That never used to happen.

Me: Back up a second… you said ‘original.’

Superstar Internet Marketer: Yes about 18 months ago an opportunity ‘too good to pass up’ fell on my lap. Its not a big deal… I can easily run two businesses.  

The new business has seen a few unexpected headaches so it’s slower than what we expected but in the end… it’ll be amazing.

Me: I’ve heard this multiple times over the last week… so much so it’ll be my ONE THING to send out to my magazine subscribers on Monday.

“The second business eats the first.”

Superstar Internet Marketer: OMG…. Now I know why they call you The King! And where the hell was this advice 18 months ago.

I should have called you!

Me: You should have punted on 4th and 1.

There are no shortage of opportunities to make money… there are an infinite number of opportunities to lose it ALL in one shot.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Due to recent events I‘m on a health kick and want to start growing my own food…. But I just can’t find bacon seeds anywhere.

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