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One Thing: Day 108: Billionaires, Models, Fudge and Ice Cream

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 108: Billionaires, Models, Fudge and Ice Cream 

Yesterday I was explaining how you should be careful who you listen to and that you should only concern yourself with criticism from those you’d seek advice from.

The gal that wrote the article on ‘High Ticket Sales’ is likely flat broke and sadly doesn’t know that REPEAT SALES are about 1 million times as intelligent to focus on. Just ask your nearest realtor. 

The next article is telling you how important ‘Work-Life Balance’ is… but they don’t have any and neither do you. And that’s OK. 

‘Work-Life Integration’ doesn’t sell as many books and programs so they don’t write about it. 

“Find yourself…’ when really you need to ‘Create Yourself.’ But one sounds like work and the other reads as though it’s a passive process. Guess which one gets more views.

“Grow your business through word of mouth and referrals” is insanely limiting for any business owner. ‘Advertising to Profit’ is the superpower and once your client cracks it the number of word of mouth and referral sales doubles / triples / quadruples. 

Hint: my new business coaching software creates a report that creates numbers around all of this like ‘advertising to profit’ VS ‘word of mouth sales’ so the client knows where to focus and monetary value associated to each initiative. 

‘Build your sales funnel.’ The truth, there are no funnels, a sale is a series of cliffs that prospects either fall off the next ledge or they don’t. I wish it was a funnel so new high-end coaching clients could just slide on down Bob Barker style. 

But it’s harder to work out so they don’t write about it. 

Maybe I just worked out why I’m working so damn hard on these posts and not getting anywhere..?! lol 

Forget everything I said above.

I was lying to you and I am just like all the others. 

Passive income is automatic if you follow my simple advice… let me show you the way and as a bonus I’ll teach you how to, automatically, work for only 4 hours per week and make many millions of dollars in high ticket sales and multiple streams of income, even if you suck at sales and can’t turn on a computer while following your gut and magically finding yourself with no effort!!!!! 

Insert picture of me in a jet, that I don’t own, looking out the window at my Rolls Royce, that I don’t own, acting like I don’t notice the hot model or the camera staring at me.  

My Mother in Laws text:




Mother in Law:



In one of my recent podcasts, I was talking about graduating myself to start reading and seeking advice from billionaires and lessons of billion-dollar companies. 

Remember when thinking ‘million vs billion’… 

A million seconds is 8 days.

A billion seconds is 32 years. 

Like comparing an inch with a mile… almost zero numerical correlation. 

Ray Dalio owns the largest hedge fund in the world, has stood the test of time over many decades and is personally worth over $100 billion. 

When McDonald’s created Chicken McNuggets their biggest problem was running out of chickens.

Let that sink in.

They called Ray Dalio to crack the code on maintaining consistency on price and taste (major key to McDonald’s global success is the consistency of taste. This wasn’t a minor situation). 

His book ‘Principles’ is a must-read and here’s one of the primary lessons I took from it. 

And it’s your ONE THING today….

‘Consider the second and third-order consequences of your decision.’ 

A decision you make has multiple consequences but most don’t consider anything past the first level and therefore take the less than desirable option.   

I love ice cream with hot fudge dripping all over the place. 

Including on my shirt.  

If I decide to eat ice cream and hot fudge the first-order consequence is that it’s tasty as heck for and I feel great while eating it. 

The second-order consequence is that I might feel tired and unproductive afterwards.  

The third level consequence might be that I feel guilty.

The fourth level consequence might be that I gain weight I don’t want. 

The fifth level consequence might be that it becomes a habit that I don’t want.

I might also need to do laundry? 

When you consider the second to fifth-order consequences you might make a different decision. One level consequence is just a ‘YES and extra hot fudge please.’

What are the second and beyond, consequences of fighting with your spouse over something immaterial? 

What are the second and beyond, consequences of sending a text that gets misinterpreted versus making the 5-minute phone call? 

What are the second and beyond, consequences of sending an ‘I love you’ text for no particular reason at all? (do 3 of these RIGHT NOW and find out!!). 

If you don’t have the number of clients you want, what are the consequences, what might you learn and how many referrals and intros might you get, by helping a business owner today with zero expectation of anything in return? 

What if you did that every day for the next 90 days? 

What are the, second and beyond, consequences of you continuing to let fear stop you from getting what you want?

You heard it here first. 

Tomorrow I have another Billion dollar secret coming your way. 


Obsessed with your business coaching success, 

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. My wife joined the gym… has been paying full fees for 4 months and still no progress. She’s going down there in person tomorrow to work out what’s really going on.

PPS. I might be sleeping downstairs with the dogs after that one :o)

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