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ONE THING: Day 1: Epstein Suicide, Hillary, and ONE THING….

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Day One: Epstein Suicide, Hillary, and ONE THING….

Newsflash: While the medical examiner was on lunch break yesterday, Epstein cremated himself. HAHA

Multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein is dead… thankfully I’m not into 15-year-old girls but I’ve been known to hand out some multi-million-dollar advice once in awhile (not my words) to the business coaching profession.

I therefore expect to send a few million to your coaching business if you agree to pay attention and execute.

When it works… please don’t use it to start dating cute early teens while you’re in your 60’s.

* King Karl, barfs in mouth.

I’m thinking Epstein got an extra bed sheet and subsequently ‘Hillary’d’.

No doubt a few of Epstein’s poor young impressionable victims got Bill’d.

OMG I hate that guy for what he did to 21 year old smitten, Monica Lewinski.


In my own world and something that I believe has performed magic over the last decade for me, is that I try to learn ONE THING on business, marketing and wealth each day.

Therefore, I figured it makes sense that I become your ONE THING each day (save you from searching).

And warning, sometimes my brilliance surprises even myself HA HA

Expect to see an email from me every day, Monday to Friday, for the next month.

Maybe I’ll get real crazy and keep going.

So, here’s today’s ONE THING.

Blackberry lost to iPhone but no one wanted to give up their blackberry keyboard.

So what the heck happened?

Steve Jobs worked at Atari many moons ago… he knew people didn’t fall in love with Atari, they fell in love with Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga.

Therefore the App Store KILLED Blackberry… you fell in love with checking the weather, your stocks, google maps, the camera and your calendar. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without my flashlight.

Apple: Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

Similar examples…

You didn’t care much for Microsoft in the 90’s but it was hard to live without Word and Excel once you used it.

Microsoft: Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

Google… gmail, google calendar and Google maps. Ummm… YES PLEASE.

Google: Multi-Billion Dollar Company.

You fell in love and got addicted to the applications created by these companies.

They became billion-dollar Unicorns.

Frankly, you fell in love with the resources and CONVENIENCE they provided.

The 700+ business coaches in 24 countries that work with us don’t fall in love with me (OK, not true but sorry ladies this short fat dude in the pink speedo with no belly button by the pool is taken) they fall in love with:

  • The membership site (52 week step by step video / audio and workbooks) and Online Business Academy I create for you and the recurring revenue / passive income of $100 per month per member the “broke folks” pay will pay you.
  • I’ve filled over 400 local live events. Live Event Mastery where I have a process for filling your local live events… falling off a log. HARD WORK but bullet proof if you want to do live events consistently and enjoy the spoils they provide (becoming a local legend).
  • The small business / marketing book I write for you and you become an author in 30 days
  • The 200 hours of instructional video I provide to save you a HOARD of “coaching time” (time for money) that allows you to be more “implementation” vs “education” with your coaching.
  • My software that finds your small business clients / prospects $100,000 in 45 minutes without them spending an extra dollar on marketing or advertising.
  • My community of over 700 successful business coaches that help you
  • The annual live event in Cancun, Mexico we bring you to
  • My private FB group with all our clients
  • The “turnkey marketing systems” in 125 categories of business that we pre created for your small business clients. Imagine having a $50,000 marketing system for a chiropractor (or any other category of business)… and then sitting down to sell a Chiropractor a $2,000 per month ($24,000 per year) coaching program. I’m bad at math but pretty sure that’s a $48,000.00 DISCOUNT on day one if they agree to hire you. Plus the marketing system works and is done for you. Talk about your ability scale!! I have coaches that have a team of over 50 business coaches under them.
  • The 52 blog articles I’ve created for our business coaches
  • The 52 video blog articles I’ve created for business coaches that we populate on your website each month (can you say “do not lift a finger”?).
  • The 1 hour pre-positioning video I created for our business coaches to DISTURB your business owner (say “instant conversion to high end coaching client”) before closing them on coaching.
  • The training so you can use my process of finding $100,000 in 45 minutes for any business owner you site with without them having to spend an extra dollar on marketing or adverting.Social Media Training created for you and your small business owners in a 12 part video series
  • And so, so MUCH MORE…

Here’s the anatomy of ONE of the 12 videos I created for the social media section on (what would be if you worked with me) your Online Business Academy (membership site):

One Thing with Karl Bryan

I could go on but guessing you get the picture of our version of the APP store and how we help business coaches like you hit multiple 6 figures and our Unicorns hit $1 million.

We provide insane resources and CONVENIENCE for a business coach.

We’re your One Stop Shop.

Question for you… what have you created, similar to Pac Man / Word / Gmail for your coaching clients?

Do they lose something they love and that works if they stop working with you?

So there you have it… this is the foundation of my new format for the next month.

Your ONE THING is the power of creating an APP STORE for your clients.

No need to get overwhelmed thinking about it… start small and improve it over time if there is a fit.

Magic is knowing where you want to go and each day measuring if you got a wee bit closer.

Your clients need this also.

Others daily messages might be shorter but hopefully powerful as hell.

Speak to you Monday with your ONE THING.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,
Karl Bryan

Aka King Karl (yes, you read that right lol)

PS. If you need more high-end coaching clients… ask me how (and access to some killer software so I can help get the coaching clients for you).

PPS. If you have a “ONE THING” (multiple)… send it to me and let me hear your magic advice.

PPPS. Wanna see my “App Store”… reply back and I’ll walk you through all the magic and what my Unicorn business coaches use.

Missed a day? Catch up here.

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