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One Coaching Thing: Day 150: My First Hockey Fight

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It’s Day 150 of the One Coaching Thing Series with Six-Figure Coach Founder and Editor-in-Chief Karl Bryan. Day 150- My First Hockey Fight

Day 150: My First Hockey Fight

Last week from the halls of lockdown, I talked about the positive changes coming…

Why you should not sell assets right now and also how this is the greatest opportunity of a lifetime for your coaching business…

So, don’t miss it.


Your ONE COACHING THING today is targeted at your high-end coaching clients and REAL businesses with REAL overheads and staff:

“This is NOT the time to introduce ‘new’ strategies and initiatives.”

When a baseball player falls into a slump, the hitting coach doesn’t suggest they start standing on the other side of the plate or something new and dramatic….

They view film of past success and get down to absolute basics.

This crazy time for your coaching clients is exactly the same.


Any lightweight can give a business owner a ‘to do’ list.

That’s why some coaches keep their clients for 3 months and then lose them in 90 days wondering why it keeps happening…

The clients ’to do’ list was already too long… it gets made longer by their inexperienced coach, the client feels the opposite of a ‘sense of accomplishment’.

Overwhelm grows and grows…

Then you hear this:

“You’re amazing Coach and I really appreciate you and all you’re trying to do… I want to press pause on this coaching relationship for just 90 days and then let’s pick up again when I come up for air.”

FYI… they’re not coming back.

Play subtraction versus addition with your clients.

Remember this vital piece of advice I’ve given you previously… and I believe it to be breathtakingly important.

A true mentor can tell you what ‘NOT TO DO’. 

A relevant, still slightly painful, story.

I vividly remember I was 16 years old playing my first game of ‘Junior Hockey.’ Basically, a league compromised of elite under 21 players.

I was called up to play in the ‘Provincial Tournament’ which basically means the best teams in the country, in a series of tournaments, come together and battle it out for Canadian National Hockey Supremacy at that level.

I was about a foot shorter, 50 pounds lighter and 5 years younger than the next smallest guy on the ice… You could say a little over my head but the team had some injuries and duty called.

Ignorance at that age is bliss.

On about my third shift into my first game… pumped up on smelling salts, adrenaline, and feeling like Macho Man Randy Savage with Elizabeth lovingly looking on.

Only in my case, it was my Mom.

I made the ghastly error of slashing a guy on the wrist that was about 6’3”, built like a brick sh*t house and I’m going to guess he had 3 older, angry, equally big, brothers.

Importantly, the difference between what I was used to playing and Junior hockey is that you don’t have a face mask and fighting was allowed.

My new 6’3” acquaintance was pissed off and my second ghastly error was instinctively dropping my gloves like I’d seen on TV and said, “Let’s Go!”


Let’s just say it was a very short and embarrassing experience.

As my nose, mouth, and ear bled, profusely, on my way to the penalty box, I wondered what my name was and if the world would ever stop spinning…

Andre the Giant, that just beat me to a pulp, patted me on the head as if to say:

“Well done little buddy, that was never going to go end well for you but I respect you for having a go.”

Gee, thanks Andre.

Moral of the story.

The reason I was asked to play in the Provincial Tournament as a 16 year old was that I knew how to score.

My first game of Junior Hockey, without a face mask, was not the time or place to start fighting guys a foot taller and 5 years older than me.

A “NOT TO DO” which would have been handy advice pre smelling salts and pulling the screwdriver out to, excitingly, take my facemask off.

A lot of your clients are metaphorically starting fights when they should be concentrating on what they know and what’s already proven.

This is NOT the time to introduce ‘new’ strategies and initiatives.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. The task is impossible… Let us begin.

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