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One Coaching Thing: Day 146: A Viral Facebook Post

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Day 146: A Viral Facebook Post

Last week I finished off talking about accounts receivable and how your client needs them to be itemized by age, amount and probability of collection. 

Think of it this way… cash is REAL and profit is an ILLUSION.

If your prospective coaching client has an accounts receivable issue and doesn’t collect all the money owed… the business APPEARS to be more profitable than it is.

Your prospect’s financials reflect what APPEARS… not what IS.

Therefore, the business owner ends up paying more tax than required. 

Those saved taxes could be your annual high-end coaching fees.

*whispers softly* free money (heavy breathing)


Warning, I’m bored stiff, been locked in my house for days and about to break into a poem I’ve been thinking about. 

You might want to stop reading, this could go horrifically LOL


“Mother Nature’s Facebook Post”

I interrupt this broadcast of social media, planes, trains, automobiles, shaming, judging, shares, likes, viral Facebook posts, meetings, videos, TV shows, malls, and online shopping…

For this important announcement:

When someone doesn’t look after their body, it responds with sickness.

Designed to slow them down when they refuse to.

Our Society Is Sick

But how would we notice when we’re so busy grinding, working, striving, ignoring what really matters and staring at our phones…

All in the interest of the illusion we each call ‘success’.

Success for most is buying stuff you don’t need to impress people you do not like.

When you buy ‘stuff’ you end up with ‘stuff’.

So, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a while.  

In July of 2018, I forced 2 million people to evacuate their homes via a torrential downpour and sent you a bill to the tune of billions of dollars in economic damage.  

In September of 2018, I flooded an airport in Asia that was literally built to be ‘flood-proof’.

Then I sent a few countries into spin cycle via a typhoon and gave you a larger bill of $34 billion.

When I lit your beloved Australia on fire recently… for sure I thought you’d take pause.


The worst offense is that your friends, colleagues, family and war veterans have been taking their lives in record numbers under the stress.

More often than not it’s an inconvenience to business as usual.

Your obligation is to each other… even though you’ve forgotten.

So, I’m sending you all to your room.

This is not the enemy…

This is your messenger.

Stop, rest and be grateful for what really matters.

This is no longer a request.

It’s a mandate.

And put your phone down and enjoy the outdoors when I allow you to go outside to play again.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Even in an apocalypse… the people don’t want the plant-based meat.  

PPS. Forward this to your loved ones that need to read it.

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