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One Coaching Thing: Day 143: The Antidote and New Coaching Clients 

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Day 143: The Antidote and New Coaching Clients 

Yesterday I sent you an audio on how to maintain your Mojo during some tough times.

I received many rave reviews from serious heavyweights in the business coaching profession….

Worth a listen if you need a jump start to WIN during these uncertain times and want to hear an internal for my ‘Live Event Mastery’ program.



How to Get Everything You Want.

There’s going to be some serious soul searching done over the next few months.

Some by you and a whole lot by your coaching clients.

The best actors are never short of an acting gig.

They don’t audition… they get asked.

The best business coaches are never short of a business coaching client.

They don’t ‘audition’…. they get asked.

My goal for you is to always have a proven coaching system to follow with your high-end business coaching clients.  

Have them profiting wildly and building a recession-proof business as a result of your direction.

When I help a company selling purebred dogs… understand that they could consider giving the dog away for free to sell dog food they create through a co-packer.

And instantly become ten times more profitable… good things (referrals, cough cough) happen.

The dog doesn’t stop needing food during an economic downturn.

I’m going to give you a list of five reasons why your new high-end coaching client just went through a ten-year economic BOOM, didn’t take time to realize it and are now scrambling.  

  • They didn’t ask.
  • They didn’t take action for it.
  • They weren’t specific enough.
  • They gave up after the first or second try.
  • They didn’t have a coach that followed a proven system.

Therefore, The Antidote Is:

  • Ask… loudly (Kobe Bryant screamed from the mountain tops that he wanted to be the greatest of all time).
  • Take massive action (Kobe Bryant was on the court earlier, and stayed later, than all the others and took enormous pride in his work ethic).
  • Be specific (Kobe Bryant told the world he wanted to be the greatest of all time and made no bones about it).
  • Don’t give up (Kobe Bryant had nothing handed to him… fought injuries and far less committed teammates to achieve his goal. When he retired, HE WAS CONVINCED he was the greatest of all time. He didn’t care what you think… he cared what he thought and in his mind, he achieved what he set out to achieve).
  • Hire a coach that follows a proven system.

Follow a system to help your new high-end coaching client in those five areas and watch “business coaching magic” and referrals flow.

My Question For You, Coach…

“What do you want?”

Follow Kobe Bryant’s lead and the steps above you’ll get it.

This CV craziness will be annoying but will go faster than you think.

Pull out a pen and piece of paper and write a very clear answer to the above questions.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. Dyslexic guy walks into a bank holding a gun and shouts,

“Arms in the air Motherstickers, this is a Fu*kup!”

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