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One Coaching Thing: Day 141: What I’d Do

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Day 141: What I’d Do  

It’s nice the media is obsessed with whether part-time Stadium employees will be paid during the work stoppage.

I hope they do and it’s a very sad state of affairs.

But what about the local businesses that supply the Stadium and the other businesses that rely on foot traffic?

You know… the businesses that drive the damn economy and employment?

There’s a WAR on business out there and always has been.

It’s OUR JOB as a business coaching industry to help share and spread the word of the forgotten, ignored and abused business owner.  




It’s not a coincidence many of the largest and most successful businesses in the world were created during an economic downturn.

Please read this below and more importantly DEPLOY.  

I’d be marketing my coaching like a madman right now and I’d likely get more clients over the next 3 months than I had the past three years.

My Dad was a professional Poker player, long before poker was ‘cool’ and I remember him telling me:

“Kid, when they play tight, I play loose. When they play loose, I play tight.”

Your competition is going to be playing tight right now.

You can have more meaningful conversations and build more relationships over the next 60 days than any other time since 2008.

Provided you’ve got the right strategy… many will buy coaching from you NOW while they’re scared and many will buy it from you in about 90 days.

But NOW is the time to build a massive foundation for your business coaching practice that’ll set you up for the most profitable year EVER.   

It’s part of the ‘X Factor’ of why the most successful companies like Microsoft, General Motors, IBM, Disney, Ford, General Electric etc… got created during the worst of economic times.

Btw, my online coaching and business coaching software concept, now operates in 24 countries, was born in 2008 when it became virtually impossible to sell my high end one to one coaching…

Yes, I just mentioned myself in the same breath as IBM, Microsoft, Disney, Ford, and General Electric.

Jobs, Disney, Ford, and Gates… I’m coming for you =:^)

In all seriousness in 2008, my Online Business Academy/Membership Site for business owners saved my bacon.

It allowed me to charge lower amounts and automate my coaching processes en masse. 

While all the other business coaches were asleep at the wheel… I marketed aggressively and was earning hefty amounts of recurring revenue online within 90 days of launching my Online Business Academy / Membership Site.

Bottom Line…

… Charge the phone and start TALKING peeps!!!

This is your opportunity… until you MISS IT.

Don’t miss it!

Let their fear and angst be your FUEL.

Not your brake.

You heard it here first.

Obsessed with your business coaching success,

Karl Bryan aka King Karl

PS. You know that stash of fast food napkins in your glove box?

It’s about to be their time to shine!

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