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My Eight Car Garage (Two Stories) with Karl Bryan

by | Karl Bryan

“Most people live their live in this little tunnel, keeping within the lines, bouncing off those walls of confinement, and trying to obey the rules.”

Steve Jobs

The best sales advice I can give you… I can deliver in one sentence. 13 words.

Your coaching clients buy from you what they want… NOT what they need. 

This is life changing advice if you can really “get it.”

Consider this… a market survey of automobile buying patterns conducted by J. D. Power & Associates revealed over one-third of all male car buyers deliberately visited their local dealership when it was closed just so they could “spy” on the cars when no one else was around.

Why in the heck would you do this?

How much information can a car-buyer get, nose pressed up against a display window at 9 pm like a weirdo?

Answer: Not much.

I know, because I’ve bought every brand of flashy sports car imaginable… call it my guilty pleasure haha. I’ve got a two-level, eight car garage with a special door so I can wash cars in the backyard.

I haven’t done that yet… but seemed like a great idea at the time :o) 

Here’s a picture of my garage:

My eight car garage

Just last week I was the weirdo with my nose pressed up against the glass at 9 pm looking at cars.  I wasn’t the only one there, there were two others doing the same and we had a laugh.

The average car salesperson thinks we buy on features… highlighting gas mileage, trunk size etc…

If features sold then we’d all be driving around in the cheapest 4 cylinder cars and they’d be the best sellers. Not even close.

And we wouldn’t be at the dealership when no one was around.

We all buy based on emotion… and ironically, we then use logic and facts to justify our, already made, decision.

When you buy a car you’re looking for one that gives you a certain “feeling” and that’s the one you drive away with.


What is it that all small business owners WANT from a business coach (you)?

What are their perceptions and expectations?

What is it they hope, pray and dream you can provide?

Once you understand this, you’re lead generation, conversion and coaching fees will go through the roof.

To understand what they want… first, you need to know what they currently get from most coaches and marketing types.

In two words, not much!

They hear coaches tell them they can increase their business, double their profits, create leads through their website or Google ad words etc… and then see no increase whatsoever.

Then promise cutting-edge strategies, but only provide worthless information.

Information on its own is worthless! It’s the application of information where the magic lives. Your job is to successfully assist your clients in applying the right information in the right order to get the right results.

Unfortunately, that seldom happens.

But the invoice still comes.

Is it any wonder why folks like us are looked at with extreme skepticism?

And that brings me to what business owners want!

Your prospective clients are looking for a coach that can provide “new insights.”  This makes them feel excited… they feel curious… and will respond to it. They suddenly feel like buying. 

I’ll repeat and please digest these two words… ‘new insights.’

If you ever want to get someone on the phone… email them and tell them you have “an idea.” If done properly it works every single time. 

It’ll wake their curiosity (new insights) and when you do this…. new coaching clients start finding you.

Here’s a saying of mine:

“Everybody hates advertising… until they need to sell their own car.” Ha Ha

I learned this in my early twenties when I was cutting my teeth selling advertising and I broke every record in existence competing with folks twice my age and with twice my experience.

The problem I was able to solve:

Marketing and advertising were pretty much all the same so remarkably… it doesn’t work.

All the ads they were buying from others followed the exact same format… the name of the business at the top, a “menu” of products or services listed below, and then ends with either a phone number or maybe if you’re lucky a percentage discount offer.

This format is “Branding 101,” and branding will never work for the small business clients you’re chasing.

Big businesses have million dollar budgets. They eventually pound their message it into the prospects head like Mike Tyson and everyone scream hooray when it finally works.

Have you ever asked someone to pass you a facial tissue… or did you ask them to pass you a Kleenex? Do you ever say “let’s grab a soda”… or do you say “let’s grab a Coke?”

Kleenex and Coke spend hundreds of millions achieving this outcome.

I’d be amazed if your clients have money put aside for advertising – they actually frown upon advertising (Turning advertising into profit is a superpower) which is ridiculous but then… most things they do are ridiculous.

If they do have money set aside for advertising they figure Branding ads like Coke and Kleenex is how it must be done. “They do it and make millions!”

Yep, these companies like Kleenex and Coke do make millions, and it took them multiple millions doing it.

Your clients need new insights, which lead to new opportunities, when it comes to marketing and to avoid the deep dark hole.

I hear you ask “What are these ‘new insights’??”

Reality is, marketing is not an art… it’s a science!

And therefore a scientific equation that guides you to success.

I call it the “Conversion Equation” and it’s made up of four parts.

  1. Interrupt
  2. Engage
  3. Educate
  4. Offer

When your clients apply our Conversion Equation to their marketing, new opportunities begin to emerge.

Last week I was rummaging through some old ads I used when I was building my coaching business.

My old ads were generating 25 leads per month. Had a lame 9% conversion rate that translated into roughly 2 completed deals per month that would pay me approximately $50,000 each.

$100,000 per month… $1.2 million per year.

Not bad for one underperforming advert.

After applying the “Conversion Equation” to my own ads, the results skyrocketed to a 650% increase. 

I couldn’t keep up and this was part of me building a $5.5 million dollar coaching business where I did $400k per month in new small business coaching clients.

Much better. 

This was the result of new insights and the new scientific approach. Changed everything about how I market my coaching business and how I successfully marketed my client’s businesses. 

Kinda like magic, only way better.

I have hundreds of examples like this.

If you would like to gain my cutting-edge insights into marketing and advertising for business coaches, watch the video I created for you.

I then challenge you to present “new insights” to small business owners over the next week… and watch your opportunities to sign up new coaching clients explode along with your revenue and profits.

If you want some help with this and how it helps you get coaching clients and build a multiple six-figure coaching business… leave a comment and I’ll explain.

Always remember: People buy what they want… NOT what they need.

Counter-intuitive which is why everyone screws it up but it’s 100% accurate.

Next time I’ll post you a sample ad that has made my coaching business over $1 million dollars.

Obsessed with your coaching success,


Karl Bryan gets clients for Business Coaches...period. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and Chairman of Leader Publishing Worldwide, home of the largest private community of Business Coaches (24 countries and counting) in the world.
His goal is straight forward… to help serious coaches/consultants get more clients.

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