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Is No the Second-Best Answer? with Paul Roy

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The power of no.

It’s definitive. It’s Final. It brings closure and can sometimes take away the pain of waiting. Let’s back up and think about this for a minute.

As business coaches, our prospective clients are looking for ways to make a confident decision, which hiring you is the right decision. The key is to reduce their risk. This would be an excellent time to bring ROI into the equation. As business coaches, we should use every opportunity to monetize our value. ROI will do that.

We have given them every reason to say yes but why don’t they. 

Is it the Fear of the unknown?  I like the quote at the end of the movie Darkest Hour about the great British Prime Sir Minister Winston Churchill decision to fight to the end. “Those who never change their minds never change anything.”  In case you forgot the outcome, Britain and the Allied forces won the war.

Upon getting the dreaded “I want to think about it” we can always go to Bob Proctors three questions to get the yes or the no. 

  1. Can you see where what we discussed would make you more money?
  2. Are you interested in making more money?
  3. If you were to start making more money when would be a good time to start?

I have provided you with a low-risk option and an easy exit clause.  If you still want to think about it, that’s fine. 

Just keep these three questions at the top of mind.

What is it they want to think about? I see it as a form of no. Perhaps the person you asked the question of doesn’t want to say no to you. They like you too much. They think you will be hurt. It’s an easy out for them. For now! I get no’s, and I’ll think about it, or I’ll get back to you later every day in my life as a business coach. I blow it off and move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

But not before a little probing. I only see it as their way of saying no. I usually cap it off by saying ” It’s not my style to be a pest. I’m not like a bad rash that won’t go away”. I’m here when you’re ready.” It’s amazing the power of no pressure. If they are really thinking about it and they call me weeks or months later to say,” Paul were ready. Let’s get started.” Those are bingo moments for closure ending on a positive note. It happens to me all the time. This is also the power of making it about them. Don’t lose sight of that.  When they do call it’s not a true Blue Bird, but nice just the same.

It’s in our personal lives that “I want to think about it” really gets sticky. It moves to a personal level. It moves from a business decision to a personal choice. One needs to be skilled at asking probing questions at this stage. I have experienced this at a personal level in the past, and it did not come to a happy ending. It’s a lot tougher to say; please get back to me when you’re ready with your answer. We are the ones ending up being judged, unlike a business decision which often has to deal with your product or service.

Business or personal I believe a No is a second-best answer. It allows us to ask the question why. If it’s valid, we move on. If it’s unfounded, we may ask a few more probing questions. It’s not manipulative. It’s just getting to the issue and securing the reason for no. Your customer or personal relationship will thank you for that. It goes both ways. Both parties want closure.

All things to think about when we get the dreaded “I want to think about it” Go for the “No.” You might be pleasantly surprised.

 About Paul Roy

Paul Roy is a Business Coach located in Halifax Canada.  He brings with him vast experience as a business owner for 25 years and has a coaching Certification. In the companies, Paul owned or managed he was always the sales and marketing arm insuring growth. His underlying passion is to help his clients grow quickly and more importantly create the profitable company of their dreams. 

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