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How to Close $30k Coaching Clients Over the Phone with Randall Grizzle

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When I tell people I sell $30k packages over the phone they shiver with disbelief. 

First, they are uncomfortable with asking people for that much money…and over the phone.  There must be some trick…some scheme going on.  But I assure you, there’s not. I work with the principles of truth and integrity…and I can close these high ticket deals because my process is undeniably successfully.

When you have three key elements in alignment, from the beginning, you will have more success with your conversions. The three keys to closing high ticket sales are Application Questionnaire, value-driven offers, and a perfect sales process.

My name is Randall Grizzle and I and the top High Ticket Sales Professional in the Internet Marketing World.  I managed the sales floor for Russell Brunson, the owner of this little company called ClickFunnels. I started working with Russell about ten years ago. I have sold over eight figures in coaching, and training, and taught other sales professionals to do the same.

The last 3.5 years that I worked with Russell we focused on a $25k Inner Circle program and a $10k Certified Partner program. Just two offers and we sold close to $10 million worth of coaching.

But let me tell you, it wasn’t always this way.  When I started in the industry the goal was to just get money…anything from anyone.  At least that’s how it felt.  Weeks, months of getting worn out dialing phone number after phone number…only to get rejected due to lack of commitment, lack of interest and lack of money from the leads I was provided.

I wondered what was going on. There had to be clients out there.  Why was I getting all the “bad leads”? What was the magic trick that Johnny was using to get all the money in the bank?

Then it clicked…why would any business with a truly valuable product have to chase down their customers?  If my product is as good as I believe it to be, why would I not have a screening process for those potential customers who are truly going to be able to value, utilize and afford my product?  The tables are about to get turned.

With so many other things in life, we have a selective process. When purchasing a car we kick the tires and take it for a test drive.  When buying a house we walk around the inside.   We won’t just date people who have a pulse.  We screen out the plausible from the people who just happen to be in the room.  We look at the options in front of us and only go for our target.

Then we ask questions before we decided to ask them on a date.  We put them through an application process of sorts.  So, why not apply this to our business?  Why would we not want to be always working with our dream clients?  Instead of leading customers from your funnel, or webinar straight to a call, we need to ask some questions of them.  Specifically targeted and thought out questions.  All our funnels now lead to an Application Questionnaire.

Having an Application Questionnaire in place is a three-fold of benefits.  It allows you to have the insight to the people you are about to talk to, it will help brace the mindset of the sales professional who is about to make the call, and will help the time on the call really focus on what will sell your product…the customers desires.

An application questionnaire is specifically engineered for your product and designed to help your sales professionals say the right thing at the right time with the customer. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out interrogation.  But a series of direct, pinpointed questions that will allow your sales team to get a glimpse of who they are about to talk to.  This also assists customers with sorting out their goals and their current situation before they get on any calls.

Customers sharing a high level of the goals and current status’ help the sales professional as they get a glimpse of who they are about to talk to.  A little 8-minute speed date if you will. As an example…a question asking about how much time they are willing/able to commit in a week toward their goal could speak volumes about how your sales professional may approach the call.  How would you approach someone you knew was willing to put in five hours a week toward their goals?  What about the person who said they can commit 20+ hours?

With the application questionnaire in place, you will not waste your time with unqualified leads. This will result in a better mindset for your sales professional. By filling out the application the customer already had to raise their hand and show a level of interest.  They already made a small commitment and had to qualify themselves.

Let’s face it, if a customer is not willing to invest five minutes of time to think about their goals, financial status, and level of desire, are they really to going to give the time/effort needed to apply your product? It will screen out the curious for serious before the sales professional even gets on the phone.

Now that we are driving our dream customers towards our sales professionals, we need to make sure our value is there for the price points, we need to fine-tune our business menu, our Tick Sheet.   Too often I see businesses bend to almost anything to get a customer to get the customer to say “yes”.

But the truth is you will save yourself valuable time when you don’t get caught up in trying to “sell” or convince people that they need your services.  There is way too much energy put into working every deal like you are trying to custom tailor a suit.  Stitch your business to meet their needs.  Stop trying to figure out how much money people are willing to spend and adjusting your prices so they will buy.  It is ineffective and inefficient.

True, not everyone will be at the same point in their business development needs.  Each potential client will have specific points of interest on how they anticipate the use of your services.  And you will be able to accommodate them in a way that will not waste their time or yours.

There are small changes that you can make that will make a huge impact on what you are selling, and how you are selling it.  A solution that will enable you to better your business process and maximize the value of what you are providing to your High Ticket customer and boost your conversions.

The first step to creating your Tick Sheet “offer sheet” is taking the time to have clarity with your offers.  This will help you dissect your product or service so you will have lined out, consistent and well-defined offerings at various price points.

The Tick Sheet will clearly line out what you offer and what you don’t.  Do you have a customer that needs Membership Access?  Group Coaching Sessions? Mastermind Seminars? Done for You Service?  Perhaps some One-on-One coaching? No problem.

Build your Tick Sheet from the bottom up.  Start with deliverables of your lowest pricing offers.  Your simplest packages.  Line them out in detail and description.  Once you get the lower base developed you move to your next tiers, remembering that you are sequencing and leveling up your offers as you go.

Building the value in the circles as they get tighter to the center.  You can use the a la carte as leverage for more.  The customer will be paying more as they level up and work closer to you.  Your One-on-One sessions will be a higher ticket item than your group coaching.

And now, the coup-de-gras…your sales process.  Your application lead and your offers are all set up to have your sales professional swinging for the fences. Don’t get me wrong, this is still where most of the work will take place, but following a simple script, an outline will ease your customers down a path where they see it is ridiculous to not purchase your product.

The elements of a good script will include an Introduction, a Probe or interview, Blast, Commitments and finally the Close.

Here is an overview of how I create my scripts…for any product I’m selling:


  1. Create Attractive Character Presence – Build the rapport. Control the possession arrow from the beginning. Use voice fluctuation, tempo, energy. Identify who you are talking to and mirror them.
  2. Hold Them Accountable- They had taken the time to fill out the application and asked for the call. They are asking for assistance.
  3. Who we are- Credibility, letting them know we are the authority that can help them. Share the “story”


Asking questions based on the way they answered the application. Reader’s Digest version of where they are at with their business. Finding their pain and creating emotion in their story. This is where deals are created!

  1. Who are they?
  2. Where are they?
  3. Why they need help?
  4. What are they willing to do?


Bridging the gap and showing the value that only you can provide. The Domino ~ Create the excitement for change ~ with a new opportunity.

  1. Your Story– You are going to know your product better than anybody.  Be competent about what you are selling.
  2. Your Solution– Remember, your customers’ struggle is not about YOUR product, it’s about how it can resolve their pain. Can your product really help them?


This is what we are going to ask of them on their end.  The requirements they would need to use your product or service. Work through and eliminate the objections before they come up at the close.


Nothing is an overnight fix, are they willing to put in the work? Are they willing to finish what they start?
Are they open minded and teachable? Willing to change what they are doing now?
Decision Making
Does anyone else need to help on this decision? Spouse? Business Partner? When are they wanting to get started?
Deliverables we provide “the solution”
Can they afford the financial investment needed to use your service?


  • Bridging the gap – our commitment to them
  • Put it back on them – remind them that they raised their hand and indecision is a bad decision
  • Eliminate the risk – Show them they can’t afford to not do this.
  • Shift their mindset towards the end goal  – This will create emotion. We buy on emotion and justify with logic.
  • Closers Ask

It is a trifecta. All three need to be in alignment from the beginning.  If you can’t draw in qualified customers, it doesn’t matter how good your offers or sales process.  You can’t have good leads with crappy offers and find success, no matter how good your sales process is.

And, you can have qualified people with good offers, but you won’t be able to convert if your sales process isn’t on point.   If one is off your chance of success dwindles. With your application leads directing qualified people to your value based offers, and a stellar sales process on the backend, you can’t go wrong.

It’s really about having a game plan from the beginning and executing the play.


 About Randall Grizzle

Randall Grizzle has dedicated his whole adult life to sales and perfecting the sales process.  He created Closer Secrets to help bridge the gap between business owners and sales professionals. Randall is a businessman with a true love for people and the art of the sale. He is truly GRATEFUL to be a Closer.

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